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Materia Medica Oracle Cards

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 • Product Size: 1.2" H 36 card deck

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Kendall Quack

The Materia Medica Oracle Deck is a 36-card oracle deck that illustrates the magic and medicine of plants. The 3-volume, 60-page guidebook details herbal actions, traditional uses, as well as the magical and psycho-spiritual aspects of each plant. Each image in the deck has been hand illustrated and colored. The information contained in the three part guidebook includes herbal actions, magical properties, and emotional-spiritual aspects of each plant. The Deck is as much a tool for learning while on the plant path as it is a tool for self-reflection. 

"The magical world is not as far away as it sometimes seems. We may feel its presence simply by stepping quietly into a dense forest ad focusing our attention on the sounds around us. My goal with the desk is to bring the magic closer to home and share the wisdom that plants have to offer us." -Kendall Quack, creator of Materia Medica Oracle

Access the magic and wisdom right outside your door with the Materia Medica Oracle Deck. 

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100% Money Back Guarantee
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    Kendall Quack

    Through a dedication to craft and drawing things as she sees them, Kendall hopes to illuminate subtle truths and draw attention to the overlooked aspects of nature. Her approach to making is both thoughtful and intuitive, and she hopes to infuse each project with deep intention so that it takes on a life of its own. This project is a culmination of her herbal studies and marks the beginning of her path toward helping others find healing through plant medicine and tarot magic.

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