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Mayan Feather Seed Rattle

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 • Product Size: 6" L  x  2.5" W

Hand Made
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Supports Indigenous Cultures

Product Origin

Edgar Rodríguez Nava

This pod shaker rattle is made with natural products in Mexico. The canes (wooden handle) are used to make the connection and communication with the divine. When maker Edgar Rodríguez Nava carved "Malix" on these rattles he is referring to the Mayan word meaning dog. Between the Northern Maya communities of Belize some believe that dogs can see spirits. In ancient times dogs were associated with death and have the job of leading people into the Underworld. They represent fire and are protectors of the hearth - two components of Maya life. The letter X in Maya sounds as "Sh" so Malix will sound as Malish.

The (turkey) feathers are used for energetic cleansing and the ayoyotes (seeds) are used to call the spirit of mother earth.

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  • Connection with the sacred: Rattles are a fundamental part of ceremonies since pre-Hispanic times, used to call the sacred essences or guardians of the universe, it is a way to raise a prayer for medicine and healing. The sound of the rattles wake up the spirits of the medicine, calling the guardians of the ancestors. They recognize the sound of therattles.  


  • {} - Shaman

    Edgar Rodríguez Nava

    Edgar is a born Mayan, who works with the medicines of the Mayan culture. He learned from his father, and his father's father. He is also teaching his son the ways of the Mayan medicines.  He holds temazcals, and many other types of Mayan ceremonies for the Mexican people.  He also helps a huichol shaman release peyote ceremonies.
    Edgar and his wife earn a living making and selling crafts in the Riviera Maya region of Mexico. His crafts are mostly shamanic tools from his Mayan tradition. 
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