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Native American Style Kodiak Bear & Aurora Rattle

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Sean Walking Bear Mah

Authentic First Nations handmade rattle. Made in the traditional plains style, this rattle is a handcrafted full size rattle with full leather weaved wrap and white deer hide handle. This rattle contains a Sacred Creek Rock fill for a strong sound. The artwork depicts the spiritual embodiment of the Kodiak Bear, the dancing Spirits of the Aurora, the Milky Way, the cosmos. Perfect for ceremony and meditation. 9 inches long in total. 4 inch handle. Embellished with beads and leather loop at bottom of handle. Handmade in the USA.

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    Sean Walking Bear Mah

    Sean "Walking Bear" Mah - First Nations. Cree. Actor. Artist.

    "I was taught the traditional art of crafting drums and rattles for Medicine Men for use at various ceremonies. I had dreams of creating such art and dreamt of new designs and new pieces. I would carve pipes and give them to my Elders. To this day I am guided by vision and magic. I put prayers into each step and bless my rattles when I am finished. Blessed in the sacred smoke of Sweetgrass, Sage, and Cedar. Awoken by the pipe and filled with your intention, the Rattles come to life in your hands. I never dreamt of sharing my art with the world until now. I have opened up my teachings and gifts to share. It is a blessing."

     Sean “Walking Bear” Mah is an accomplished Cree artist, actor, and Spiritual practitioner. From an early age, he was immersed in the spiritual practices and traditions of his Northern Alberta Canadian Cree Peoples. Sean was always drawn to the art of sacred rattle and drum making - the tools of the Medicine Men.

    Sean watched and learned, guided by community artisans, Medicine Men, and his strong visions of how these special items were to be crafted.  He learned the true ritual way they were to be crafted, then brought to life in ceremony.  They are then passed humbly, with sacred permission, onto their intended recipients. Sean states, “Each Rattle finds its owner.”  Raven Makes Gallery is honored to be included as a way to pass on these treasured pieces.

    Sean is guided by the Creator and his First Nations spiritual practices in the development and creation of each Rattle design. He takes an ancient sacred tool and infuses his artistic talents and makes each piece his own. Each rattle reflects Sean’s willingness to share his knowledge and the prayers, as each rattle is blessed in ceremony and sacred medicines - as all sacred tools should.

    Sean states, “In my journey of rattle making, it’s such a gift to know that people far and wide still need and use them. This makes me deeply happy. We cannot forget about such sacred tools. We cannot forget what they were given to us to be used for. We must always pray and sing to the Creator.”

     A multi-faceted and focused artist, Sean also has been featured in a wide variety of roles in television and film. He recently finished filming Seasons 1 & 2 of Frontier, which will be airing on Netflix in 2017. He also starred in HBO’s Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee, which is based on the classic book.

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