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Ocean Glazed Incense Bowl

SKU: ib84

 • Product Size: 4" Dia 7.5" L  x  2" H  x  4.5" W

Hand Made
Women Owned

Product Origin


A small batch incense holder that has tiny feet to rise it above the surface it sits upon. The beautiful glaze inside the bowl resembles an ocean. Suitable for burning resin or loose incense or add some sand and burn incense sticks standing up. Due to handmade nature, size can vary up to 1 inch in diameter and/or height.

All of Lois' pottery is made with attention to detail, form, function, and beauty. It must look good, feel good, and be durable. Since all work is individually made sizes and shapes will vary. She states, her glazes are unpredictable and will vary as well. Each piece is made and designed as "one of a kind,” and can beautifully stand by itself.

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100% Money Back Guarantee
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    Lois started with clay more than 30 years ago. Her pottery has evolved from simple pieces to intricate one-of-a-kind sculpted originals. She consciously works to keep her pottery fresh, and feels her passion for this medium is reflected in the finished piece.


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