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Paruro Andean Lliklla Mestana Cloth

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 • Product Size: 31.5" L  x  30" W

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Imbue your mesa or sacred altar cloth with the spirit of the natural world. This hand-woven mestana cloth by the Paruro people in the high Andes makes a perfect ground cloth for your altar or sacred space. It can also be used as a wall hanging. Features colorful traditional designs, cherry red/cream animals (snake, llama) with rainbow edges.
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100% Money Back Guarantee
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  • Lliklla is the Quechua word for manta, a square piece of cloth formed by joining together two long woven pieces at a center seam. Widths determine its usage and size varies from region to region. Worn as a mantle across the shoulders, a lliklla protects one's back from the cold and can be used to carry all manner of things, including babies. Some are simple sturdy textiles used in agriculture, but for special occasions, they're woven of fine threads with complex designs and vivid colors and embellishments.

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    Parubamba is located in the Apurímac Region of Peru. The name of this southern-central region originates from the native Quechua language, meaning 'Where Gods Speak' referring to the many  mountains that seem to be talking to each other. It is about 324 miles East of Lima, the country's capital city, with an elevation of 4436 meters above sea level.
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