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Peruvian Amazon Colorful Gourd Rattle

SKU: mmr0096-Purple Flower/Bird

 • Product Size: 3.5" Dia 8.5" L

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Eco Friendly
Fair Trade
Hand Made

Product Origin

Shamans Market-Peru

Fair trade, hand-carved gourd rattles are made in Central Peru. Grown in the warm central valleys of the Andes, the coastal oasis and the jungles, they are dried, skinned and sanded. Artisans carve the surface and then paint animals, including birds, flowers, llamas, turtles, coyotes, and indigenous designs. Holes in the handles can be used for stringing. Sizes and shapes vary from 8 to 9.25 in long and 2.75 - 3.5 in diameter. Price shown is per piece. Choice of color-style. Some variation in color-style may occur.

  • Gourd carving is one of the oldest art forms in Peru and dates back to 2,500 BC. The gourds can be finished in two ways. One method is to cover the entire surface with a mixture of oil and charcoal and then remove it, leaving an outline of charcoal in the carving. The second method is more complex and involves burning sections of the surface with a glowing ember of eucalyptus wood. By constant blowing in the ember, the artist can regulate the temperature to produce various shadings. Touch up carving is then done to heighten the contrast. The whole process can take from several hours to several days, depending upon intricacy. The gourds don't require special care and will last a lifetime. Clean simply with furniture polish or lemon oil. The villagers of these regions have told their legends, stories and many traditions by carving them for posterity. Some show old traditional designs, other everyday life.
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