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Vintage Peruvian Andean Mestana Cloth

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 • Product Size: 49" L  x  43.5" W

Fair Trade
Hand Made

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Sacred Valley Textiles

This sturdy mestana cloth is hand woven and previously used and loved. Cloth features beautiful muted sunset colors to warm up any sacred space. Makes a fitting cloth for your personal altar or mesa. From the women weavers in the high Andes mountains of Peru.

This cloth is well used and shows some stretching from use by its previous owner. It also has two threadbare areas and stains, please see photos for details. 

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100% Money Back Guarantee
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    Sacred Valley Textiles

    Textile systems developed in Peru over the millennia represent a treasury of techniques rare in the world. Most remain unknown outside of Peru. They are passed on, not by writing, but by the Andean process of person-to-person communication, by watching and practicing. Peruvian weaving is a ritual activity with many layers of meaning.

    Peruvian textiles honor Pachamama, Mother Earth. They express appreciation for the process of growth and generation and the concept of relatedness to other species and the natural world.  Many people find inspiration in the ideas of indigenous people who developed systems of survival in this hemisphere before the time of Columbus. Icons and symbols expressed in the arts that inspire a respect for the earth can help to keep alive our efforts at preservation and conservation.  Source: Center for Traditional Textiles in Cusco

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