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Peruvian Ceremonial Chonta Wood Staff

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 • Product Size: 19" L  x  1.5" W

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Shamans Market-Peru

The curanderos of the Peruvian northern coast use staffs like this one, as implements during their healing ceremonies with their mesas. Such staffs are arranged in an upright row at the head of this ceremonial altar along with swords or long knives. Holding the energy of each of the shaman’s many helpful, healing saints and spirits, these staffs are used also as a part of the all-night San Pedro ceremony. Hand carved from the wood of sturdy chonta palm in Peru. Each piece is hand carved and designs may vary. Choice of designs and lengths.

  • Healing altars (mesas) in Northern Peru often follow the old tradition by including all kinds of "power objects,"…. Objects such as seashells, pre-Columbian ceramics, staffs, stones, etc. are very common on Peruvian mesas, and are blended with Christian symbols such as crosses and images of saints. Source: Bussmann, R. W., & Sharon, D. (2006). Traditional medicinal plant use in Northern Peru: tracking two thousand years of healing culture. Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine, 2, 47.

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