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Peruvian Flower Essence- Complete Set


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Star Flower Essences

Complete set of 18 Peruvian Flower Essences.

Save $51 by buying the set.

Comes in two functional and decorative storage boxes!

  • Complete set of 18 Peruvian Flower Essences. Save $51 by buying the set. 

    Set Includes:

    1. 13th Gate
    2. About Face
    3. Brave Heart
    4. Bushilla
    5. Doorway to the Heart
    6. I Am Generosity
    7. I Am Gratitude
    8. Inocencia Coca
    9. Integration
    10. Mango Paradise
    11. Master Teacher
    12. Purification
    13. Recalibrate and Flourish
    14. Regal Amaranth ~ RA 
    15. Strength and Chi
    16. Sublime Chocolate
    17. Wild Feminine
    18. Wilka Mayu (Sacred River)
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    Star Flower Essences

    Evolutionary Remedies...

    Star Flower Essences are vibrationally infused flower remedies made from living, organic, wild crafted flowers. All of the Star Essences are in a base of activated healing waters gathered from sacred sites around the world. These miraculous essences carry what is known as an "energetic signature" or vibration of the flower or gemstone which can positively influence imbalances within the body and the energetic field of the user.

    Safe & Natural...

    Star Flower and Gemstone Essences are benevolent healing and transformational remedies made in partnership with Nature that are safe for everyone, including children, animals and plants. Flower and Gemstone Essences work with your innate natural healing processes. With over 160 Essences to work with many health care practitioners use Star Flower and Gemstone Essences as an adjunct to their healing modalities.

    What can Star Flower and Gemstone Essences do for you?

    * Enhance and balance mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

    * Assist in increasing intuition.

    * Strengthen coping abilities.

    * Assist in navigating life changes and transformation.

    * Accelerate any healing process. Help you to feel more alive and in touch with your values, creativity, goals and your dreams!

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