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Peruvian Khuya Stone - Torus - 2-2.5 inch

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 • Product Size: 2-2.5" Dia 1" H

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Hand Made

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Abelardo & Luzmarina Mirano

This new smaller torus-shaped khuya, or stone, comes from the Cusco region of Peru. Khuyas, or stones, are commonly used as artes on the Peruvian curandero's or curandera's mesa or personal altar. A perfect addition to your home altar too. Each one is handmade in Peru and stone color and shape may vary slightly from picture.

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100% Money Back Guarantee
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  • The term sacred geometry refers to geometry which is employed in the design of sacred architecture or art. The underlying belief is that certain geometric and mathematical ratios discovered from geometry also underlie music, cosmology and other observable features of the natural universe. This belief was held from ancient times through the Renaissance and influenced the construction of temples and churches and the creation of religious art.In sacred geometry, the torus is considered the first shape to emerge out of the genesis pattern. It governs many aspects of life including the human heart with its seven muscles that form a torus. The torus is literally around all life forms, all atoms, and all cosmic bodies such as planets, stars and galaxies. It is the primary shape in existence.
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    Abelardo & Luzmarina Mirano

    Abelardo and his wife Luzmarina are master shamanic artisans. They have been creating traditional sacred stone carving for many years and are well respected by shamans, teachers and practitioners both in Peru and abroad. Their art is infused with a deep understanding of Andean cosmology, ancient shamanic practices and a deep love for the apus and Pachamama. They live in Cusco, Peru with their three beautiful children Paola, Chaska and Sebastian.

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