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Peruvian Precolombian Ceramic Stirrup Vessel - Hybrid Figure

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 • Product Size: 6" L  x  7.75" H  x  4.25" W

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Segundo Garcia -Trujillo, Peru

Replica of Pre-Columbian, single loop stirrup vessel imitative of the Moche culture. Modeled as a hybrid anthropomorphic and zoomorphic figure with elaborate head decoration, collar, it has large fangs and earlike projections. the Moche were known for combining human and animal forms to create hybrid figures. Crafted in the north of Peru.

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  • A stirrup spout vessel (so called because of its resemblance to a stirrup) is a type of ceramic vessel common among several Pre-Columbian cultures of South America beginning in the early 2nd millennium BCE. These cultures included the Chavin and the Moche. In these vessels the stirrup handle actually forms part of the spout, which emanates from the top of the stirrup. The jars, which were often elaborately figurative, would be cast from a mold, while the stirrup spout was built by hand and welded to the vessel with slip. Source: Wikipedia
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    Segundo Garcia -Trujillo, Peru

    Segundo Garcia is a traditional ceramic artist and one of a very few keepers of this traditional art form. The art of making Huacos Silbadors had been passed down by his ancestors to his grandfather, and his father, Santos Evaristo Garcia, both whom have departed this world. His small workshop is in a small town outside of Trujilo near Apu Cerro Blanco and the Sun and Moon Huaca built by the Moche culture (100 bc - 650 ad). Segundo Garcia is respected and admired in his community for his traditional knowledge and the sacred energy he holds.

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