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Ceremonial Plant Essence: Psychic Diagnostics


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Ouapiti Robintree, Hummingbird Remedies

Vibrational Essences of ceremonial plants used by indigenous peoples for healing and spiritual experiences. Ceremonial Plant Essence: Psychic Diagnostics is a mixture of Hummingbird Remedies vibrational plant essences Yacu Piri-Piri and Yopo.

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    Ouapiti Robintree, Hummingbird Remedies

    My psychic connection with plants began in adolescence, nurtured through years of training as an organic master flower gardener, nature guide and amateur botanist. I began working with "new" remedies in 1987, and have been producing my own essences since 1991. After 15 years in Oregon learning the Cascadia bioregion, I moved to Maui for two years in 1995 to continue this work, focusing specifically on tropical flowers brought to Hawaii from around the world as specimens for a botanical Eden. In 1997 I was asked to begin producing gem elixirs, some of which are included in this repertory.

    I see my job as co-creating the cultivation new sacred remedies and medicine for the healing and transformation of sentient beings around the world to offer for the purpose of accelerating our evolution into Light. Without support, encouragement and guidance from inner realms and other colleagues, this work would be impossible.

    In my work and in that of other practitioners, we have seen outstanding results and significant progress when the right plant based remedies were given. Yet, it is difficult to track physical effects of a vibrational remedy, as one disease may have many different karmic causes throughout. Therefore, for use in the physical realm, please consider these definitions of chacruna psychotria viridis, ayahuasca, and other plants as suggestions for further exploration.

    As always when using experimental and alternative medicine treatments, it is recommended you work in close concert with a trusted healer regarding any pre-existing conditions to share any related concerns. May these remedies serve and transform you, and may you be found to remain in Light.

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