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Q'ero Alpaca Chalina Scarf

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 • Product Size: 60" L  x  6" W

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Qero Scarves

Colorful attractive woven scarf, or chalina, is stylish and cozy for any cold season. This piece has bright colors and diamond designs with decorative twisted yarn fringe. Every Peruvian textile tells a story, it is a demonstration of tradition and knowledge. 

Measures: 60 x 6 inches, with about a 6" fringe.

  • Alpaca fiber is classified as a rare specialty fiber. It is both more lustrous and stronger than mohair, five times warmer than sheep wool fiber, as soft and delicate as the world's finest fibers. With 22 natural colors of alpaca fleece the fibers can be blended to create even more natural shades. The hollow fibers contribute to the light weight of apparel having very high insulation value. Alpaca is easily dyed, does not itch, tear, pill, stain or create static and is generally non-allergenic.

  • {} - Shaman

    Qero Scarves

    The Q'ero are one of a few Cuzco area communities who wear scarves.

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