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San Cipriano Soap

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Shamans Market-Peru

San Cipriano ritual soap is traditionally used in Peru for protection, to keep heavy energy away, and to protect one from energy that may be projected your way.

  • San Cipriano, better known as Saint Ciprian of Antioch, is known as a Chhristian saint martyred in 304 CW. San Cipriano, in his early years prior to his conversion to Christianity, was known as a world-renowned magician, one with potentially earth-shattering powers. So great were these powers that there are apocryphal rumors that he continued to practice sorcery even after his conversion, perhaps even contributing to the very first rites of exorcism as practiced by the church. In fact, there are even great books of magic dating to the 17th century that are supposedly translations of St. Ciprian’s original magical texts. The most common one, written in Spanish and claiming to have been translated from the original Latin, is known as the Libro de San Cipriano, or the Book of Saint Ciprian.

    As a result of these tales, San Cipriano has become known in areas of the world where Christianity has spread and mingled with indigenous cultures in South and Central America as the unofficial patron saint of the magical arts. San Cipriano is especially invoked by those who have been victimized by those magical arts as they look for protection or relief from their effects. It’s no shock, therefore, that this protective soap is used today in countless rituals to ward off negative energy and protect yourself from the effects of that negative energy. San Cipriano’s supposed link to efforts to establish exorcism practices in the early church also lead to his name to be invoked in similar modern circumstances when needed.

    Is Saint Cyprian providing guidance and spiritual protection to those who venerate him to this very day? Perhaps. It seems foolish to not take such protection when offered, especially from such a venerated source. If you’re looking to undergo purification rituals steeped in the syncretic Christian traditions of the Central and South Americas, this San Cipriano soap is just what the doctor ordered. Cleanse your body and soul all at once to prepare for that major ritual or working and you’ll have the peace of mind to continue, thanks to being positively charged by the power of the patron saint of magical protection.

    Ingredients: Glycerin, soap base, essences, preservante, colorante. Product of simple curiosity. Made in Peru.

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