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Star Essence Cool Flash Spray - 2 oz.

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 • Product Size: 2 Oz

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Chill Out; to Balance Body Temperature; Magical for Menopause; Nice to Keep in the Refrigerator. This spray can facilitate a fun, gentle, easy, graceful and empowering menopause. Promotes balanced metabolism and body temperature. The essential oils are considered to be beauty oils, bacteria busters, hormone regulators and morale boosters. They are excellent for the skin, helping to keep wrinkles at bay. Induces improved sleep and dream recall. In this deeply profound, powerful time of life, be cool. Spray your temples, pulse points, or you can spray your whole body. Keep some in the refrigerator for a refreshing mist!

  • Ingredients: Balance and Stability (Habenaria), Divine Goddess (Masdevallia veitchianna), Freedom/Libertad -(Xylobium w/ 24K Gold), Graceful Shift (Fennel), Master Teacher (Chiri Sanango), Strength and Chi (Fava), Sublime Chocolate (Cacao), WIld Feminine (Wild Potato), Clear Moonstone and Pink Tourmaline with essential oils of Clary Sage, Lemon and Geranium in a base of Sacred Healing Water
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