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Tito La Rosa: NASCA


 • Product Size: 5 x 5 3/4 inches

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Cecilia Montero & Tito La Rosa

Tito La Rosa's New CD with Tavo Castillo. The men & woman of ancient Nasca culture, a culture of sand, wind and water, read the past and future in the stars. Inscribed on these lines upon sand, are the memories and presence of this desert's timelessness.

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  • The music on this recording express the wisdom and mystery of the spiral of time, the origins of life, of death and rebirth. The music in Nasca is created with the same ceramic antaras our ancestors traveled with along the desert's lines, the mysterious, profound and spiritual landscape of sky and stars. Tracks: 1. Breath of Life (bamboo traverse flute, keyboard, steel guitar) 2. Spirit of the Desert (bamboo traverse flute, keyboard, wind stick) 3. The Whale, Healer of the Ocean (ceramic whistling vessel of Chimu & Vicus culture, keyboard, Tibetian bells) 4. Sand, Wind and Water (bamboo traverse flute, keyboard) 5. The Lady from Nasca (Nasca antaras, keyboard) 6. Venus (violin, pan flute, keyboard) 7. Honoring Water (ceramic whistling vessel of Chimu culture, keyboard, steel guitar) 8. Wise Hummingbird (bamboo traverse flute, keyboard, steel guitar) 9. Meditation Paths (ceramic whistling vessel of Chimu culture, keyboard,) 10. Qoyllur Rit'i. Star of Snow (Quena, keyboard, sicuri bombo)
  • Cecilia Montero & Tito La Rosa

    Cecilia has practiced meditation since the age of two. Taught by her maternal great-grandmother Jacinta from Cusco, she has incorporated the important healing principles of her spiritual upbringing into her practice as a psychotherapist and as an executive coach. She values her inner silence as the most precious jewel from her ancestors. Her chanting is generated from within the sacred silence.  

    Tito is a beloved Peruvian sound healer, sociologist, and musician, who has dedicated most of his life to researching and playing ancestral musical wind instruments. His music is a form of re-birthing our treasure of wisdom that lies dormant within the layers of the earth and it contains the powerful blessings of our Apus (sacred mountains) in the Andes. He was born and raised in Carhuaz, Peru.

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