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Andean Symbology Tile - Condor - Round


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Andean Symbology Tile - Condor - Round

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Our intricately hand carved, alabaster-like stone tile features the revered Incan animal totem Kuntur, the Condor. Kuntur is encircled by a ring of the 12 sacred apus, or mountains, and glides in bas relief over other Andean symbols. Expertly carved by shamanic artists, Abelaro and Luz Marina in Peru.

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  • 0.5" H + 4.5" Dia

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Some of the symbols represented on this tile include:

  • Wind
  • God of lightning
  • food storage, protection of the house
  • mother earth with agricultural furrows
  • Hummingbird, bird of spirituality
  • three coca leaf kintu offering for the Apus or mountain deities
  • constellation including the four directions
  • Inti, the sun god
  • Twelve apu symbols encircle the piece

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