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Becoming Hummingbird - Jane Galer


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Becoming Hummingbird - Jane Galer

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In Becoming Hummingbird: Charting Your Life Journey the Shaman’s Way, master shaman Jane Galer asks the readers to consider their responsibility to the global collective, while at the same time assessing the qualities of the mythical Hero’s path as it applies to their own personal journey. Through exercises and guided meditations packed with mythological creatures from a variety of cultures, the readers seek to understand their own gifts, their own personal archetypes, and in doing so will identify the life path that most reflects their value as humans ready to serve the needs of the universe. This is a workbook, a meditation guide, an opportunity to explore personal gifts at the deepest level, the of the sacred.

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What is your personal mythology path of service? How will you navigate a life of worth in a disaffected world?

How will you be the Hero of your own journey? Modem Western culture has been stripped of archetypal connections: those universal pathways that act as life guides. Many of us have lost our way. This powerful book provides a process of twelve guided meditations by which each of us can establish our own destiny and move forward into a life lived fully and with conscious care for the world at large. Using Jungian psychology, shamanic healing techniques, and deep meditation, the reader learns to identify a personal hero's path by creating a mythology that resonates in today's world.

"We have a choice: we can devolve into an early version of humans, surviving by fighting over food, sex, and gods, or we can evolve into a species working in conjunction with the Universe under a global sensibility. We are currently perilously close to the former mode, warring against one another over basic survival ... All of us, men and women, have an opportunity to evolve and put these masculine, base tendencies to rest in favor of feminine nurturing modalities. This will be the Middle world struggle of our century: Evolve or die out.”

About the Author:

Master shaman, Jane Galer, is an award winning poet and author. She trained with the Q'ero indigenous shaman of the high Andes of Peru in their shamanic healing modalities. She has a BA in philosophy, and an MA in material culture studies. Jane is the author of the Poem of the Week blog (PotW) which will feature in her upcoming second poetry collection, The Spirit Birds (May 2011). Jane was born in Illinois, but lived for many years in Abadan, Iran and Beirut, Lebanon. She now lives on the coast of northern California with her family.

Profits from the sale of Becoming Hummingbird are donated to the Kusi Quyllur community based school project in the high Andes of Peru.