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  1. Why_People_Don't_Heal_and_How_They_Can__By_Caroline_Myss

    Why People Don't Heal and How They Can By Caroline Myss

    On this stunning audio edition of the national PBS special with Caroline Myss, this acclaimed authority on the energetics of healing dares to take listeners to a hidden realm of the human body, beyond Western myths about healing?yielding a hope-giving program for health unlike any other. Learn More

  2. The_Science_of_Medical_Intuition:_Self-Diagnosis_and_Healing_with_Your_Body's_Energy_Systems_With_Caroline_Myss_&_Norm_Shealy

    The Science of Medical Intuition: Self-Diagnosis and Healing with Your Body's Energy Systems With Caroline Myss & Norm Shealy

    Almost 20 years ago, a Harvard-trained neurosurgeon and researcher named Norman Shealy was introduced to a young woman with a special gift: she could see illness in other people with only her intuition to guide her. After extensive testing, Dr. Shealy concluded that her ability to diagnose illness even from remote distances was 93% accurate. Today that medical intuitive Caroline Myss is a legend in the field of intuition and energy healing, with three New York Times bestsellers to her credit, including her current blockbuster Sacred Contracts. Learn More

  3. The_Reiki_Touch:_Develop_Your_Skills_to_Heal_Yourself_&_Others_by_William_Lee_Rand

    The Reiki Touch: Develop Your Skills to Heal Yourself & Others by William Lee Rand

    If you've felt the power of Reiki and want to broaden your experience, you now have the most extensive resource available for strengthening your practice of this extraordinary healing art. With The Reiki Touch, Reiki master William Lee Rand combines the advantages of video, audio, reference cards, and written instruction to provide a comprehensive set of tools for uncovering Reiki's most potent secrets. From mastering the fundamental hand positions for healing to using the advanced techniques of By›sen scanning and Gyoshi ho (sending Reiki through the eyes), Rand provides the essential keys to Reiki for beginners and advanced practitioners alike." Learn More

  4. The_Matrix_Energetics_Experience:_Shift_Your_Consciousness_with_the_Healing_Energies_and_Hidden_Frequencies_of_the_Universe_by_Richard_Bartlett

    The Matrix Energetics Experience: Shift Your Consciousness with the Healing Energies and Hidden Frequencies of the Universe by R

    Science has spent centuries trying to define the laws of the universe. But in this modern era of breakthroughs and quantum physics, what have we finally learned? ?It turns out that the laws of the universe are just waiting for us to break them,? explains Richard Bartlett. With The Matrix Energetics Experience, this extraordinary teacher invites you to learn the art of rewriting any rule of your reality?about your health, your happiness, or even your understanding of what is physically possible." Learn More

  5. The_Chakra_System:_A_Complete_Course_in_Self-Diagnosis_and_Healing_by_Anodea_Judith

    The Chakra System: A Complete Course in Self-Diagnosis and Healing by Anodea Judith

    Through her pioneering work with the chakra system, Anodea Judith has mapped the striking connections between the yogic healing arts and modern psychology and demonstrated how a combination of both can be dramatically more effective than using either one alone. On The Chakra System, listeners join Judith in 12 sessions of personal one-on-one guidance to learn how to use the seven chakras, or energy centers, to strengthen and focus their personal power, improve intimate relationships, enhance intuition, and enter into their highest spiritual wisdom. Learn More

  6. Spiritual_Power,_Spiritual_Practice:Energy_Evaluation_Meditations_for_Morning_and_Evening_by_Caroline_Myss

    Spiritual Power, Spiritual Practice:Energy Evaluation Meditations for Morning and Evening by Caroline Myss

    According to Dr. Caroline Myss, most people want the rewards of consciousness without doing the work of consciousness, but without rigor and discipline the full blessings of a spiritual life will never come.On Spiritual Power, Spiritual Practice, listeners join this respected medical intuitive and bestselling author to explore the prayers, reflections, and other teachings she developed in her own spiritual practice. Learn More

  7. Spiritual_Madness:The_Necessity_of_Meeting_God_in_Darkness_by_Caroline_Myss

    Spiritual Madness:The Necessity of Meeting God in Darkness by Caroline Myss

    If you are living a spiritual life, it is inevitable that one day you will be plunged into darkness, what Saint John of the Cross described as the "dark night of the soul." Through the ages, every mystic has experienced this interior trial. What of today's mystics, who seek the divine while holding down jobs and caring for their families? Learn More

  8. Self-Healing_with_Energy_Medicine_with_Andrew_Weil_&_Ann_Marie_Chiasson

    Self-Healing with Energy Medicine with Andrew Weil & Ann Marie Chiasson

    We can help take care of ourselves with diet, exercise, and regular check-ups, but is there more that we can do to optimize our overall health? Dr. Andrew Weil, pioneer of integrative medicine, believes so: ?An integrative approach to health means addressing not only our physical body, but our energetic body as well.? Now on Self-Healing with Energy Medicine, this bestselling author teams up with Dr. Ann Marie Chiasson to offer insights and expert guidance about how to clear blockages to healing, enhance your longevity, and increase your vitality. Learn More

  9. Positive_Energy_Practices:_How_to_Attract_Uplifting_People_and_Combat_Energy_Vampires_by_Judith_Orloff

    Positive Energy Practices: How to Attract Uplifting People and Combat Energy Vampires by Judith Orloff

    Your personal energy is a precious commodity, and to live fully, you must vigilantly nurture and protect that energy. Now, with Positive Energy Practices, renowned psychiatrist and intuitive Judith Orloff teaches you a series of techniques, guided meditations, and tools to harness the power of positive energy and combat the influences that drain and deplete us. We can't stop negative circumstances from happening in our lives, but we can learn ways to protect our energy so that we can stay centered in dealing with the stresses that arise, teaches Dr. Judith Orloff. On Positive Energy Practices, she offers many life-saving prescriptions for transforming fatigue, stress, and fear into vibrance, strength, and love. Learn More

  10. Exploring_Vibrational_Medicine_by_Richard_Gerber

    Exploring Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber

    Can meditation and prayer affect the healing process? How do acupuncture, homeopathy, and healing touch work? Is it possible that the energy in our bodies is connected to the unlimited energy of the universe itself? Over 20 years ago, when physician Richard Gerber began to investigate the new frontiers of healing, he met with skepticism. Today his groundbreaking views on alternative healing systems have entered the corridors of our major hospitals and research centers. On Exploring Vibrational Medicine, Dr. Gerber builds on his pioneering work with a wealth of new and rare insights into the most promising energetic healing therapies. Learn More

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