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Wisdom Of The Shadow - Oracle Deck

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 • Product Size: 44 Cards & Book

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Wisdom of the Shadow

A 44-card oracle deck and book set co-created by visionary artist Jenny Hahn and author/Priestess Jessica Ricchetti. 


The Wisdom of the Shadow oracle deck is packaged in a high-quality rigid magnetic clam-shell closure box built with an inset to house the 3.5" x 5" cards, and a top lip that holds the 4.5" x 6.25" book. These beautiful cards are printed on high-quality cardstock with a soft-touch luxe matte finish that feels good in the hand and offers high color clarity, with just enough shuffle glide without the cards sticking or falling off of one another. The deck features black metallic edging that shimmer when stacked. The cards, box, and book are all printed on FSC® certified paper that has been harvested in a responsible manner, and printed using plant-based inks.


 - 100% Money Back Guarantee
100% Money Back Guarantee
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  • Hidden in plain sight is the wisdom we seek most deeply. Right here within each of us, tucked away in the shadow of our own being, is an infinite well of Wisdom waiting to be revealed, remembered, and integrated. Now more than ever, in a world where collective shadows are being unveiled, it is time for us to dive deep into our inner well of Wisdom and to strengthen our resilience from the inside out.

    The Wisdom of the Shadow Oracle is a gateway to the hidden corners of our being. Each card is a portal and an invitation to explore the deeper richness within and the treasures that are tucked underneath our real-life experiences, energies, and emotions. Each page of the book is an invitation to amplify your own inner Wisdom and deepen in the wholeness, acceptance, and understanding of who you are at the core of your being.

    Our fears, emotions, shame, discomfort, metamorphosis, boundaries, expression, expectations, judgement, pain... they all have stories to tell us and necessary guidance as we navigate the ways of wholeness, resilience, integration, soul-care, rising, healing, wisdom, and authenticity. These are all Core Essences to be explored throughout The Wisdom of the Shadow Oracle, as well as many other facets of Inner Wisdom and Shadow.


    Quotes From The Creators:

    “Whenever I’ve painted from the heart with unflinching honesty, it has led to inner alchemy through a clear seeing and deep witnessing of the unacknowledged and rejected aspects of self, creating a space for integration and healing. In that spirit, the art came into being over two decades and eventually led to inspiration for this deck.” —Jenny Hahn, artist

    “I worked ceremonially to honor each completed painting, translate the spirit of each essence, and curate a collection that invites us all on the inner journey. Each core essence was chosen based on the deep personal relationships that both Jenny and I have had on our own paths with shadow work and personal growth.” —Jessica Ricchetti, author

    “This project was truly a labor of love for me and Jessica. Our mutual love and devotion of sharing the profound work of shadow transformation with others fueled the inner fire to birth this oracle, and more to come.” —Jenny Hahn, artist

    “We cannot even talk about the shadow without honoring the man who birthed an entire paradigm of exploring the shadow, the psyche, and the self — Carl Jung. His work on the shadow has laid the foundation for countless bodies of work to be birthed, and inner work to be explored.” —Jessica Ricchetti, author

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    Wisdom of the Shadow

    The deck was published by Intuitive Art & Alchemy, a women-owned business led by visionary artist Jenny Hahn of Kansas City, MO and energy priestess and author Jessica Ricchetti of Asheville, NC. Jenny and Jessica originally met at a women's conference in Sedona, AZ. Within 24 hours of meeting, and not previously knowing anything about one another, they knew they were going to collaborate on an oracle deck project. 

    Jenny is an artist and workshop facilitator who captures the inward journey through bold expression and a vibrant palette. Her acrylic paintings and giclée prints are collected around the world and licensed for book covers, calendars and other inspirational products. Her process art workshops lead individuals from all walks of life in rediscovering their wholeness using painting as a tool for mindfulness, self-compassion, and soul-expression.

    Jessica is a Priestess, Energy Alchemist, and Ritualist devoted to supporting women on a journey of embodying wholeness, rising in divine leadership, and sharing their unique magic with the world. Her soul-work combines an alchemical blend of energy medicine, sacred ceremony, soul journey, breathwork, shadow work, intuitive mentorship, & coaching to support women who are diving into deeper layers of their spiritual journey.

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