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  1. Kokopelli_Christmas_by_Douglas_Blue_Feather

    Douglas Blue Feather: Kokopelli Christmas

    Kokopelli Christmas CD by Douglas Blue Feather offers Native American Music and Holiday Music. 

    Christmas songs featuring the Native American flute, Mother drum, bells and rattles by multi-award winner, Douglas Blue Feather.

    "For lovers of the Native American flute, Kokopelli Christmas is a definite buy this holiday season." Richard Banks - christmasreviews.com Learn More

  2. Louie_Gonnie_Sacred_Mountains

    Louie Gonnie: Sacred Mountains

    Raised in the traditional healing ways of his people, Dine singer Louie Gonnie began singing as a young boy. Weaving gentle vocals and the sounds of nature, his songs of meditation and healing are inspired by the sacred mountains which surround the vast homeland of the Dine people.

    Evoking their majestic beauty and deep significance, the spirit of these songs illuminates and connects the inner and outer worlds of the Dine.

    Learn More

  3. Marina_Raye:_Being_Peace

    Marina Raye: Being Peace

    The soulful melodies of Marina Raye's native flutes are richly textured by Ron Clearfield's cello accompaniment. Marina's passion for peace fills this extraordinary music with powerful intention. Music to calm, soothe and inspire you to be the heart of peace.

    Perfect for relaxation, meditation and all healing modalities.

    Learn More

  4. Marina_Raye:_Nature's_Enchantment

    Marina Raye: Nature's Enchantment

    magical weaving of the enchanting sounds of nature with native flutes, Nature's Enchantment is the newest release by Marina Raye. In her twelfth album, Raye combines her deep love for nature with her original flute melodies, played on native flutes that have been handcrafted by her husband, flutemaker Charlie Oakwind.

    Those who've enjoyed Raye's Liquid Silk will love Natures Enchantment!

    Known as the Feminine Voice of the Native Flute, Raye takes the native flute into a new realm of beauty and tranquility. Natures Enchantment opens with Enchanted Forest, a melodic interplay of treble and bass flutes, accompanied by the sounds of forest birds and mountain streams. The enchanting result is a hypnotic invitation to enter a world of peace and tranquility. Learn More


  5. Robert_Tree_Cody_and_Will_Clipman:_Heart_Of_The_Wind

    Robert Tree Cody and Will Clipman: Heart Of The Wind

    The haunting melodies of the Native American flute evoke the flow and cadences of breathing while the pulsing rhythms of the drum evoke the beating of the heart. Heart of the Wind brings together these two very primal and human instruments in a collection of new and transforming compositions by two award-winning artists, Robert Tree Cody (Maricopa-Dakota) and Will Clipman. Learn More

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