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Quartz Crystal Bowl - Clear- 8 inch

SKU: ot11

Product Dimensions: 8 inch diameter

Availability: Special Order. Allow 1 -2 Weeks for delivery

Quick Overview:

For practitioners and users of sound healing.  A wonderful and affordable alternative to gongs, the Ohm Crystal Bowl fills your room with the healing and therapeutic resonance of Ohm with all its beautiful overtones.  Activating a Quartz Crystal Bowl beneath a treatment table adds yet another dimension to a Sound Healing treatment. Strike the bowl periodically during the treatment with the mallet. If your treatment table is made of wood, the cells of the wood will act as resonant chambers, harmonizing with the music, tuning forks, and overall enhancing the treatment.  Includes “O” ring and suede rimming mallet.  8 inches in diameter.

Detailed Information:
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In sound healing, larger diameter bowls will have a lower fundamental tone. The advantage to smaller diameter bowls is their portability in a treatment setting, and in our experience, even the smaller crystal bowls produce an abundance of sound for most applications. Practitioners find sounding a bowl is a lovely way to begin and end a treatment, and to lift and disperse stagnant energy. Enjoy a resonant and a healing wash of sound with bowls tuned to the ancient and healing vibration of Ohm.

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