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  1. Ceremonial_Tumi Ceremonial_Tumi

    Ceremonial Tumi

    This convincing replica of a tumi, or ceremonial knife, distinctly characterised by its semi-circular blade, is carved from stone. Knives such as these were used in the ceremonies of some Inca and pre-Incan cultures in the Peruvian Coastal Region.

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  2. Moche_Lord_Statue_w_Semi-Precious_Stone_Inlays_-_2.75_inch

    Moche Lord Statue w Semi-Precious Stone Inlays - 2.75 inch

    Visage of the Moche Lord of Sipan hand-made of Peruvian 950 sterling silver and inlaid with semi-precious stone and shell such as turquoise, spondylus, and mother of pearl. Beautifully detailed roping design surrounds the bottom edge of the stand and bead-like patterns surround the head. Symbols of sun and moon are inset on the stand. Handcrafted Peru. Learn More

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