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Chakra Eco Palm Jar Candle

SKU: C-020100-Lotus

 • Product Size: 8" H

Eco Friendly

Aloha Bay makes the finest unscented Chakra Jar Candles that you can buy. Each candle is made from an unscented, all-vegetable, virgin Palm Wax blend that contains no residues of harmful solvents. They burn hotter than most of the other candles on the market because of the kind of wax Aloha Bay uses and the use of braided cotton wicks with paper cores. The surface of Palm Wax candles have a unique crystal pattern and bright colors. Weighs 16 ounces in glass container. Candles measure 8 inches tall and burn approximately 100 hours. Your choice of chakra style.

 - 100% Money Back Guarantee
100% Money Back Guarantee
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  • Palm Oil is the Highest Yielding Energy-Producing Crop in the World. For over 15 years, Aloha Bay has been selling gift and home decor items sourced first from Europe, then Asia and now includes Pakistan and Brazil. They have tried hard to follow business practices that are sustainable in the long run. They are aware of the impact they have on the planet, wildlife, neighbors, and global partners. This awareness shapes how they conduct business.
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