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  1. ANDEANsolrocks_-_Pathway_of_Light

    ANDEANsolrocks - Pathway of Light

    Stones, given as a gift from Pachamama (Mother Earth), are receptacles of information and power in the Andean tradition and have been used for centuries as tools for healing. These 22 stones come from Lake Titicca, Peru.  Each stone has a symbol drawn on them by the villagers of Chucuito, Peru. 

    ANDEANsolrocks is both a personal, playful game of stones and a mysterious oracle into Andean beliefs and culture. Set contains twenty two handpainted stones with their symbols, book, cards, small deck of 22 cards representing each symbol and small woven zipper storage bag.

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  2. Ceremonial_Tumi Ceremonial_Tumi

    Ceremonial Tumi

    This convincing replica of a tumi, or ceremonial knife, distinctly characterised by its semi-circular blade, is carved from stone. Knives such as these were used in the ceremonies of some Inca and pre-Incan cultures in the Peruvian Coastal Region.

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  3. Moche_Lord_Statue_w_Semi-Precious_Stone_Inlays_-_2.75_inch

    Moche Lord Statue w Semi-Precious Stone Inlays - 2.75 inch

    Visage of the Moche Lord of Sipan hand-made of Peruvian 950 sterling silver and inlaid with semi-precious stone and shell such as turquoise, spondylus, and mother of pearl. Beautifully detailed roping design surrounds the bottom edge of the stand and bead-like patterns surround the head. Symbols of sun and moon are inset on the stand. Handcrafted Peru. Learn More

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