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Tibetan Buddhist Windhorse Small Prayer Flags


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Lucky Signs Small Paper Prayer Flags - 8 ft long

Tibetan Buddhist Windhorse Small Prayer Flags

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Common to many Tibetan prayer flags is the lungta or windhorse, the mythical animal who carries all intentional prayers to the universe. The hanging of prayer flags is thought to dispel danger and to bring good fortune. Our Prayer Flags are printed from hand carved woodblocks in the traditional manner. The five flag colors represent the five elements: Blue (earth), White (water), Red (fire), Saffron (infinite space), and Green (cosmic winds). Enjoy the slow fading of color as they hang in the elements. To dispose of old flags with respect, please burn them. Set of five.

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  • 9''sq x 5' long

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TNP Flags are screen printed on a cotton-poly blend fabric that is long lasting when exposed to the elements.

These screen printed flags are made by Tibetan nuns. Many of them are recent arrivals from Tibet, some having endured imprisonment. Purchases help to improve the lives of Tibetan nuns living in exile, providing them with a safe environment for furthering their studies