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  1. Peruvian Alpaca Padded Duffel Bag

    This practical unstructured padded tote is woven from Peruvian alpaca and wool fibers and is great for school, travel or daily use. The bag features beautiful geometric patterns. The side zipper inset pocket shows a proud and regal standing llama. Versatile bag can be carried by either a cloth shoulder strap or handles. Double zipper closure. Padding in the sides of the bag protect your valuables. Bag is lined. Made in Peru.

  2. Q'ero Ch'uspa Coca Leaf Bag

    Our traditional Q'ero hand woven ch'uspakuna, or cocoa bag, features brightly colored stripes flanking in the center band the motif for Inkarri, the cultural folk hero of the Incas in one of his anthropomorphic forms. A perfect and practical place to store your artes for travel. Hand woven and sewn by Qero in the high Andes of Peru.

  3. Wool handbags, 'Fresh Horizons'

    Peru's Teófilo Huayanay creates a colorful melody for this wool handbag, featuring bands of fresh green and bright orange. Huaynay dyes the wool by hand before weaving the bag on a pedal loom. The bag is lined and features a small internal pocket.
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3 Item(s)