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Tibetan Khata Ceremonial Scarves - set of 4

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 • Product Size: 58" L  x  12" W set of 4

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Our 100% silk golden yellow Tibetan Khata Ceremonial Scarf features the Eight Auspicious Symbols lightly woven in white into the fabric. These scarves are sometimes referred to as a khada, khadag or hada. They are traditional ceremonial scarves common in Tibetan culture. Khatas can be presented at any festive occasions to a host or at weddings, funerals, births, graduation, arrivals and departure of guests, etc. The Tibetans commonly give a kind acknowledgment of Tashi Delek (meaning Good Luck) at the time of presenting. The Dalai Lama is known to offer khata as a gift to diplomats, visitors, or other monks, which symbolizes purity of intention and the beginning of the relationship. Sold in sets of 4 scarves. Made in Nepal.

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  • The Khata is a sign of simple civility, an offering gesture of welcome and courteous exchange. A Khata is worn in all ceremonies, large and small, public and private. It is usually white, sometimes orange or golden yellow, or sky blue as in in Mongolia. The giving of the khata follows a code that is richer in meaning than may first be apparent. In a society where etiquette has always been important- to the point where it was formerly possible to ascertain a person's precise rank from the level of the rugs on which he was posed, the ritual of the khata casts a special light. A white silk scarf, the khata represents the purity of the gesture and the respect of the person who offers it.

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