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  1. 100% Alpaca Cape, 'Baroque Andes'

    Ivory snowflakes within a red band border a stylish black cape by Jorge Molina in Peru. Designed with long sleeves and an open front, the cape is knit with baby alpaca wool, a term that refers to the season's first shear. This fleece is characterized by its soft and lightweight warmth, which is why it’s been a favorite since the days of the Inca empire.

  2. 100% alpaca wool shawl, 'Violet Garden'

    Violets cluster in a delightful garden of lacy alpaca. Crocheted by hand, this elegant shawl is the work of Elvia Melendez. Lavish hand tied fringe adorns the graceful and feminine border.

  3. Alpaca wool blend poncho, 'Pyramids'

    Precisely knitted in earthen colors, pyramids create vertical motifs punctuated with red. Alfredo Falcon creates a bold and versatile poncho. Black borders and a turtleneck collar distinguish this alpaca wool blend wrap.

  4. Alpaca wool blend shawl, 'Versatile Black'

    Alfredo Falcón selects solid black to combine with everything from jewel tones to tweed. This shawl is woven from a luxurious alpaca wool blend, unparalleled in softness and warmth. Elegant and versatile, it is a must for the winter wardrobe.
  5. Alpaca wool shawl, 'Mountain Grace'

    Like feathery autumn grass, warm vertical motifs flow across the borders of this cape. Showcasing the exceptional textile art of Peru's Alfredo Falcon, this layered alpaca blend wrap is perfect for cool days and chilly evenings. The alpaca thrives at the imposing altitudes of the Andes Mountains, producing a luxurious lightweight wool that is exceptionally warm.

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  6. Andean 100% Alpaca Wool Poncho 'Life Celebration'

    By Ana Fernandez, this elegant poncho is knit of luxurious alpaca wool, renowned for its lightweight warmth. Colorful and intricate geometric motifs are inspired by Mercedes Sosa's interpretation of Gracias a la vida, a song by Chile's Violeta Parra.

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  7. Bolivian Pure Alpaca Wool Poncho

    Alpaca wool can be compared with fine cashmere – light, warm and luxuriously soft. This V neck poncho is made entirely of fine handspun alpaca in a classic design with muted grey and white stripes and 4 inch twisted yarn fringe on bottom edge. Soft and cozy caresses are guaranteed with this finely draped garment.  LIghtweight warmth keeps off the chill. Spun from natural alpaca wool with no dyes.  One size fits most.   Made in Bolivia.

  8. Men's Alpaca Wool Blend Poncho 'Snowy Peak'

    Pre-Hispanic butterflies adorn a handsome handloomed cloak. Working in luxurious alpaca wool, Faustino Maldonado selects the colors of Huaytapallana, a snowcapped mountain in the province of Huancayo. The warm but lightweight garment is based on the traditional poncho. Buttons crafted from dried mate gourds secure each side. They bear the inscription Tahuantinsuyo, which refers to the Inca empire's geographic division which included Antisuyo, Collasuyo, Chinchaysuyo and Contisuyo.

  9. Men's Fair Trade Alpaca Wool Poncho - Hualhuas Night

    Unique Peruvian Alpaca Wool Men's Poncho

    Alpaca wool forms intricate geometric patterns in natural colors. The undyed yarn showcases the soft beige, cream, brown and black tones of this Andean animal. Faustino Maldonado and his family weave a cloak of extraordinary beauty. The piece takes its name from the artisan town of Hualhuas.

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  10. Men's Fair Trade Alpaca Wool Poncho - Road to Huancayo

    When the mist falling over the Andes hides the majestic peaks, a road to home is invented in the eternal warmth of alpaca wool. In proud tribute to their roots, Faustino Maldonado and his family weave this song of nostalgic voices, the ideal accompaniment on a wintry night.

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