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  1. Knitted Wool Mask - Waq'ollo - Rainbow Stripe

    •  Gold Face
    •  Purple Face
    •  Black Face

    Rainbow striped knit mask with contrasting eyebrows and face colors. Pulls over the head and has eye, nose and mouth openings. Masks, such as this one, are called waq'ollos in Quechua, a local Peruvian dialect. Primarily worn and seen during the Peruvian Festival of Qoyllur Riti, Lord of the Snow Star ceremonies, you can wear yours on the ski slopes or in the snowy cold outdoors. 13 inches long by 9.5 inches wide when measured flat. One size fits most. Your choice of solid face colors. Some of the mask's facial features, such as eyebrows, mustaches, and chin tufts, and placement of the rainbow color stripes, may vary slightly from those depicted. Made in Peru.

  2. Nepali OM Leather Coin Purse

    You can always use a small zipper pouch to help you stay organized. Ours is made of soft sueded leather with an embroidered OM symbol on each side. Pack this one inside a larger purse or bag or stow it in a suitcase. Keep cosmetics or what-nots or other collections together. Padded sides are somewhat protective. Small loop handle. Makes a lovely gift. Measures 4 x 5 inches.  Loop handle measures 4.75 inches. Made in Nepal.

  3. Nepali Pencil Bag

    Our cylindrical zipper pencil bag comes in tie dye patterns of purple, blue and green.  Has a hand loop attached.   Made of 100% hemp, this bag is suitable for pencils, markers, pens, cosmetics and other items.  Bag measures 8 inches long. Lightweight and practical.  Made in Nepal.

  4. Peruvian Drawstring Bag - Small

    These charming bags are made of repurposed vintage hand woven textiles from the villages of the Sacred Valley in Cusco, Peru. They feature a drawstring to keep your treasures secure and a shoulder strap for carrying close.  They are lined with black material. Great for holding special medicine pieces or use it as a change purse. Each one is unique & beautiful; let us pick one for you!

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  5. Peruvian Zipper Bag

    Wands, khuyas, pencils, cell phones....whatever!  These are nice little bags made of repurposed hand spun, hand woven llama and/or alpacha or sheep wool and featuring colorful geometric designs from villages of the Sacred Valley in Cusco, Peru. Zippered and lined in black material on the inside. Let us surprise you and pick one for you.

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  6. Peruvian Zipper Bag - Small

    Small 3 to 4 inch square textile zipper bags made of repurposed vintage hand woven textiles from the villages of the Sacred Valley in Cusco, Peru. Lined with black material. Great for holding special medicine pieces or use it as a change purse. Each one is unique; let us pick one for you!

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  7. Tibetan Khata Ceremonial Scarf

    Our 100% silk golden yellow Tibetan Khata Ceremonial Scarf features the Eight Auspicious Symbols lightly woven in white into the fabric.  They measure approximately 12 inches wide by 68 inches long. They are sometimes referred to as a khada, khadag or hada, and is a traditional ceremonial scarf common in Tibetan culture.  Khatas can be presented at any festive occasions to a host or at weddings, funerals, births, graduation, arrivals and departure of guests, etc. The Tibetans commonly give a kind acknowledgment of Tashi Delek (meaning Good Luck) at the time of presenting. The Dalai Lama is known to offer khata as a gift to diplomats, visitors, or other monks, which symbolizes purity of intention and the beginning of the relationship.  Buy 3 and save. Made in Nepal.

  8. Tibetan Passport Bag

    •  Buddha
    •  Green Tara
    •  White Tara

    Handmade Tibetan Passport Bag is made of fine quality Tibetan brocade silk with various Buddhist deity designs on front. Multi-colored Bhutanese fabric backing. Zipper closure at the top and a zipper pocket on reverse. Measures 6.5 inches wide by 6.75 inches deep. Strap drop is 23 inches. Your choice of design. Made in Tibet.

  9. Watana Ties with Beaded Trim - Narrow

    The wantana is a typical clothing accessory in several Peruvian communities; a handwoven cord or tie ending in a threaded tassel at both ends can be used for many things: tie one on your hat as a stylish hatband or chin strap, weave it into your hair or other hair ornaments; use it to tie up your despacho cloth to carry your Pachamama offering to the ceremonial site or whatever else you want to adorn with beauty, color and functionality! This one has many tiny white beads.  Yours may differ slightly from the photo due to its handmade nature.  Sold individually. From the Q'ero of Peru.

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9 Item(s)