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  1. Andean Alpaca Wool Scarf

    This delightful scarf is made of 100% alpaca wool which guarantees softness, warmth, pliability and quality of the garment. The two ends are decorated with original Bolivian motifs. Simple, warm and practical, it provides complete protection against the cold and the touch of distinction you’ve been looking for.

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  2. Bolivian Alpaca Blend Shaded Rustic Scarf

    A lovely, handmade, homespun scarf is very warm thanks to its thickness and the material (alpaca) it is made of. Woven on precolonial style looms, it comes in natural colors (no dyes) so the shades may vary slightly from the photos. 50% alpaca, 50% synthetic wool. Bolivia.
  3. Q'ero Alpaca Chalina Scarf

    Colorful attractive woven scarf, or chalina, is stylish and cozy for any cold season. Decorative twisted yarn fringe. Made by the Q'ero in Peru.

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3 Item(s)