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  1. Activation Sounds - Ancient Chakra Healing Chants by Chakuna Machi Asa

    Are you looking for a profoundly healing experience? This CD will help to activate your transformative personal power and rebalance your seven Chakra Energy Centers. 

  2. Benjamin Iobst: Seven Metals

    This beautiful and faithful recording of Tibetan singing bowls is superb for relaxation, massage & bodywork, deep sound meditation, yoga relaxation and sleep inducement. Consisting of two sessions of 27-28 minutes each, 25 different singing bowls are used to create the most amazing sound vibrations perfect for deeply letting go. In fact the liner notes clearly warn that this music should NOT be played while driving!

    "The bowls are powerful meditative tools that allow the client to reach deep levels of relaxation. . . " - M. Jeffrey Schmidt, Massage Magazine.

    "This is an extraordinary recording of Tibetan bowls performed by a master of this tradition." - Jonathan Goldman, Author of Healing Sounds.

    Instruments – 25 Tibetan singing bowls, metal and bamboo wind chimes, tingsha bells.

  3. Chakra Balance: Healing Music For Meditation & Yoga By David & Steve Gordon

    Chakra Balance: Healing Music for Meditation & Yoga CD by David & Steve Gordon offers relaxing sacred sound as healing music and instrumental yoga music.

  4. Jonathan Goldman: The Divine Name: I Am

    The Divine Name: I AM CD combines new sound healing discoveries of the Divine Name & the Moses Code Frequencies by Healing Sounds® pioneer Jonathan Goldman for relaxation, healing and yoga music, featuring vocalist Tina Malia. 

    The Divine Name: I AM sounds like ancient Gregorian Monks chanting in a sacred temple as an enchanting priestess tones along! Not since Goldman's release of Holy Harmony CD have two such exceptional healing and sacred sounds been brought together!


  5. Jonathan Still: Awakening

    Following the huge success of Under the Bodhi Tree, Jonathan returns with heartfelt compostions centred around his signature, multi-layered guitar and piano melodies. Add to this the infusion of precise percussion, subtle vocals, ethnic instrumentation, strings and atmospheric sounds and the result is an album that reinforces Jonathan's standing as a remarkable new age artist.
  6. Lis Addison: Song Of The Tree

    The Song of the Tree reminds us that we are like the magnificent tree, rooted and transcendent. This beautiful CD by composer & vocalist Lis Addison offers unique Vocal Chakra Healing Tones (VoCHeTTM) and ambient groove music. Designed to activate the chakras and fill the listener with light, this music supports yoga, dance, healing & vocalizing. The Song of the Tree comes with instruction booklet.
  7. Mandala: Healing Ragas II - Music for Relaxation, Sleep and Beyond

    Following in the footprints of their successful debut album Healing Ragas, the duo Mandala brings to us two new ragas, another full hour of musical solace for body, mind and soul. A mystical dialogue between bamboo flute and Indian santoor , this music will carry you to an enchanted land of relaxation and stillness. Ideal for any form of healing arts, yoga practice, spas and well being.

  8. Suren Shrestha With Paradiso: Himalayan Chakra Healing - Tibetan Singing Bowls and Didjeridoo

    Himalayan Chakra Healing - Tibetan Singing Bowls and Didjeridoo CD from Suren Shrestha with Paradiso offers new age chakra healing music and Tibetan singing bowl music.

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8 Item(s)