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Chakuna Machi Asa ~ Auroral Magic

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Relaxing music with piano, calming chants & peaceful nature sounds. Connect to the soothing magic of the auroral lights and the energy of your own ancestral lineage speaking to you through the artist Chakuna Machi Asa.

Awaken this magical space within you that will offer a grounding connection to your self, community, and the planet.


Track Listing: 1. Blood of Our Ghost 2. Elven Magic 3. Planet Xeron 4. Dancing Reflections 5. The Wind 6. Time Womb 7. Blue Moon 8. Space Shift 9. Our Escape 10. The Whale Song 11. John 12. Auroral Magic

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    CD Album: Auroral Magic by Chakuna Machi Asa // 4 Directions Records (Publishing and Production) 

    Chakuna Machi Asa (“Ancestor, Healer”) is a musician, artist, and founder of 4 DirectionsRecords, based in Michigan. She is also a Crystal Lover, Seiðr Explorer, and Energy Healer who holds certifications in Massage Therapy, Reiki III, Therapeutic Kinesiology, Crystal Healing Therapy, and Reiki Drumming. In this new work, Chakuna taps into her gifts to bridge the gap between modern culture and the ancient ancestors, and shares it with all to inspire personal transformation. Chakuna pays homage to her Nordic lineage, inspired by exploring her ancestry through cultural studies of the old Norse traditions. The album was created with her ancestors speaking and singing through her.

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