What Exactly Are Adaptogenic Herbs?

Jeff Oxford


Adaptogenic herbs….heard the term yet? Really confused on what that means? So was I. Let’s try to understand the potency behind these healing plants together.

When we ask what makes an herb adaptogenic we can first look to where these herbs come from. Or, what are the conditions like in which they are growing?

Most of them are coming from extreme environmental conditions in which they need to, for lack of better word, adapt to. And often, they are roots which contain concentrated energy and nutrients gained from years of growth and maturing.



Since these plants are growing to adapt to their surroundings, they provide that exact benefit for you. Adaptogenic herbs are going to adapt their healing properties to whatever your body needs in that moment to return to peak functioning.

They help normalize the body by restoring functions that have been altered due to stress by enhancing cellular intelligence and regulating body systems. In short, they are going to assist you in managing your stress levels a whole lot more.

Adaptogens also provide energy—not in short bursts like other energy boosting ingredients, but  in a more sustained way. A longer release of energy during the day.



Taking all of this into consideration- adaptogens are not replacements for a healthy lifestyle. Adequate and good quality sleep, a healthy diet, exercise, stress reduction techniques, and other healthy lifestyle choices are foundational. Taking adaptogens can help you function better if you have short-term situations when you are not getting enough sleep, or your if your diet has been less than Instagram worthy. But, taking them long term without making an improvements to sustainable healthy lifestyle choices can lead to an inevitable crash.




Where to start….You can buy powders of specific herbs and throw them into teas, coffee, or smoothies. Or- you can buy them in tincture form.

The benefit of this is taking them on the go with you. Throw one in your bag to add to whatever you’re drinking, or just take orally, throughout the day. You can mix the tinctures into any drink, like your morning coffee, tea, or Instagram worthy elixir of some sort with cacao and rose petals and fairy dust.

My personal favorite is to whisk some matcha and hot water, pour into a blender with a milk alternative, then add any types of adaptogenic herbs I have on hand. Blend and pour. Browse our selection of tinctures and find which will work best for your own bodies needs.