Resin Incense: What Is It & How To Burn it

Kristen Lagos

Resin Incense: What Is It & How To Burn it

Resin incense has always had a slightly more mystical vibe to it than your more well known incense. Resins come straight from particular trees so there is no manufacturing or making. Stick incense can sometimes be made with unfavorable materials, but when it comes to resin incense it’s just one ingredient….tree resin. With other incense it’s common to just light a stick and let it burn from a holder. But with resins there are multiple steps involved and, for me, that makes burning resin a bit more ritual like.

Rituals, like burning incense, serve as a bridge to become in tune with your spirit and spirituality. It can be therapeutic and relaxing and each scent can invoke different emotions within you. Resin incense tends to have a stronger scent and even lingers longer than most other forms of incense. As Michele from shipping said, “Resin is like the Yankee Candle of incense”. ( Yes, I know Yankee Candle isn’t the most eco-friendly and fresh brand to name. But we all know how strong their store smells when you get near it in the mall. That’s where the reference comes from). 


Materials Needed

Charcoal (if you don’t like charcoal these work great as well)

Black Sand or White Ash (maybe)

Resin Incense

Resin Burner

Lighter/Matches/Flame Source




1 .  An incense burner specifically made for burning resins is helpful, but any heat safe vessel can work. If you’re not using a resin burner will want to put down a little bit of black sand to keep the charcoal from ruining the dish or bowl.

2.  Place a charcoal disc in between a set of tongs and light it up!

3.  Place charcoal on top of your sand or in your resin burner. Next place just one piece, or a few smaller pieces, of your choice of resin. The resin will begin to melt as smoke billows into the air. At this point you can begin to meditate or send any prayers or intentions into the smoke and air.

If you’re new to resins this resin gift box is a way to introduce yourself!

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Kristen Lagos

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