Nakshatra Temple Essences: Interview with Georgia Putnam

Jeff Oxford

Georgia Putnam is the creator of the Nakshatra Essences, a line of temple essences that carry the subtle spiritual energies that permeate the ancient temples and give a direct and conscious link with the Star Beings and their specific energies and teachings. Each Nakshatra Essence has been created with intention:

“My intention  in co-creating the essences is to offer the powerful celestial energies present at the ancient temple sites to those destined to receive them. I could feel the Cosmic intelligence and frequencies informing the process.  It became clear to me that the essences are a “Cosmic Portal” and each label needed to reflect the name of the principal star(s) that make up the constellation of the Nakshatra.

I have been turned inside out through this process.  I am grateful and surrendered, and offer these beings lovingly into your able hands.  May you create beauty, may you travel to the outer galaxies, and may you know your magnificence through these essences.” – Georgia Putnam


How did you get interested in shamanism/energy healing/yoga/star energy?

I have always been a seeker. As a young girl my mother’s deep faith was an early influence and as a teenager I dedicated myself to the Southern Baptist church.  My college days brought a new found spiritual freedom and I gravitated toward all things metaphysical. My father’s father was a dowser for petroleum in the oil fields of Oklahoma.  His sensitivity as an energy channel and self-made dowsing bobber were both passed on to me.  I further developed my gifts through many avenues over the years, including the Silva Method of alpha meditation and healing, Doctorate degrees from Delphi University as  Master Metaphysician and Rohun Chakra Healer, trance energy healing, crystal gem healing,  Vipasana meditation, certified yoga instructor, Kriya Yoga practitioner, and advanced apprenticeship in Peruvian shamanism and star being RAMA initiation from don Oscar Miro-Quesada. I worked extensively with vibrational essences and had an apothecary of several lines of gem and flower essences. All of these endeavors and the flow of life have led me to this present moment. It is at the core of who I am to channel energy, create alchemy and make medicine.


OK- So what is a Nakshatra?

Essentially, a Nakshatra is a specific constellation of stars that were identified by the ancient Indian seers. There are 27 different Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology that carry the resonance of 27 different constellations of stars in the cosmos.  You are in special resonance with the celestial energies of the Nakshatras that the moon and the other planets were dancing with at the exact moment of your incarnation on earth.  The Nakshatra closest to the moon at your birth is considered your Birth Star. This moment of resonance and celestial signature is your key to accessing the cosmic realm.  This is how I understand it.

The cosmic realm exerts an ongoing rhythm of influence through the orbit of the planets in relationship to the fixed star constellations.  The moon continues a daily dance with each of the 27 Nakshatras over the course of a month, absorbing and reflecting the celestial energy of each constellation.  The moon and position of the ascendant move quickly through the the Nakshatras, while the other planets move more slowly based on their pattern of orbit.  The initial configuration of the the stars and planets at birth and the ongoing movement of the planets in relationship to each other and your birth configuration, create both positive energies and challenges throughout your life time.


Can you tell us about your spiritual relationship with the medicines you’ve created?

I am not an astrologer, yet I was called on a sacred pilgrimage to southern India with a group of Vedic astrologers. Together we visited over 27 ancient temples; each aligned with one of the 27 Nakshatras. I began my spiritual relationship with the temple essences by first saying YES to the inspiration and guidance to go on the pilgrimage.  I set a clear intention to travel to the temples with devotion, to honor the ancient energies present and to commune with the cosmic star energies.  I asked for permission and guidance to be of service to co-create the cosmic star medicines.  I sought to support, honor and channel the current influx of light frequencies from the cosmic realm by crafting temple essences that would assist in anchoring the transmission of light energy for those who are destined to carry it.

For forty days prior to my departure for India, I prepared by body as a vessel by fasting solely on raw juices.  I visited powerful sacred sights on the Big Island of Hawaii to make offerings to the unseen world, to present myself in heart-felt service and to humbly ask for permission and guidance to make the medicine.   I asked for a clear sign and was given three auspicious signs to proceed – a star key chain, a small strip of rainbow cellophane that was laying discarded among the lava rocks and a striking double rainbow. 




 It was clear that the cosmic realm was guiding me and that I was to serve with willing hands.  I only knew to listen, receive guidance and move forward. This is how the medicine has been created; step-by-step listening to guidance from that which wants to be made available through the cosmic star medicine.  My role as the channel is to offer myself in devotion and be as clear as possible.  I received a reading from a Vedic astrologer who shared with me that I was created for this purpose, to make this medicine at this time.  I have embraced the signs of confirmation and astrological guidance.  I have done my best with birthing this gift from the Cosmos.  I have simply been the midwife, with an open heart and willing hands. I am grateful to be of service.


Explain the inspiration for you to create the Nakshatra portal to the stars essences.

My journey with the Nakshatra Temple Essences began with a heartfelt desire to share my experience visiting 27 ancient Nakshatra temples in southern India.  Over the course of their creation, the essences have had a life of their own and unfolded in a way unknown to me as I left for my pilgrimage to India.

I now have 27 separate bottles of gem essence (what I call a Nakshatra Temple Essence) one for each temple we visited.  And, I have also combined all 27 of these essences into one bottle called the 27 NAKSHATRAS Temple Essence…Portal to the Stars.  The purpose of each essence and the combination is to carry and share the subtle spiritual energies that permeate the ancient temples I was lucky enough to experience.


Can you give a personal experience using the essences?

I refrained from tuning into the essences to determine their potency during the co-creation process.  I trusted this to the Cosmos and my experimentation with the essences was kept to a minimum.  During my initial experience, I placed the temple essences for my Nakshatras and the stones for each of the planets on the Nakshatra Wheel to mirror the configuration at my exact time of birth.  As I sat in front of the wheel and peered into the configuration of stones and essence bottles, a portal opened and I felt the cosmic flow so familiar to me.  A wave of remembering flowed through me.  My intuitive knowing about the potency of linking into the cosmos through the door of resonance created by the birth chart configuration was confirmed.

What was your process for the creation of this line?

The ancient temples carry a vortex of energies built over centuries of devotees coming to worship the primary Hindu Deity and pray to one of the 27 Nakshatras (or star constellations) identified in Vedic astrology.  At each temple, I would find a place to meditate and sit with the copper geometric orb that is pictured on the label of each essence.  What was I doing exactly?  I asked the orb and two golden phantom selenite crystals to tune into the ancient celestial energies of the temple and open a portal to download the frequencies of light.  I humbly prayed to the Nakshatra to charge their unique frequencies and codes into the bottle of gem essence suspended in a white silk bag in the center of the orb.

I began with 3 small bottles of 9 different planetary gem essences (Pearl, Emerald, Cat’s Eye, Diamond, Garnet, Red Coral, Ruby, Yellow Sapphire and Blue Sapphire) that had been prepared specifically for this purpose. Added into each bottle was a bright shining Herkimer Diamond crystal to absorb and hold the celestial frequencies.  I selected the gem essence associated with the planetary ruler of the Nakshatra for the temple.  When we visited more than one temple in a day, I changed the little bottle of gem essence accordingly.

While I was in India, I received guidance to go to Kadavul Temple at the Hindu Monastery on the island of Kauai to further charge each essence under its Nakshatra. I attended the morning puja (or devotional ceremony) at the temple for 27 days in a row to infuse the essence for the Nakshatra that the moon was reflecting at that time.  The essences hold the energy of each ancient temple as well as the cosmic energy of the Nakshatra as reflected by the moon.


How can these essences be used as part of healing or ritual?

A very simple yet powerful way to partake of a Nakshatra Temple Essence is to hold the bottle in your left hand and tune into its energetic signature.  Begin with the 27 Nakshatras Temple Essence and/or the essence of your Birth Star Nakshatra (the essence where your Moon is placed).  These are the two most important essences to begin opening to your Cosmic connection.  You may put a drop or two under your tongue or on your wrists.  Add a dropper-full to a small glass of water and slowly sip or add to a spray bottle and spritz yourself.  The essence can aid in your meditation to reconnect you with the cosmic realm or help to guide your plant medicine journey.  Place the essence bottle on your altar in devotion and reverence to the celestial star beings and to honor your connection with the Cosmos.  You may be called to use it as a remedy during the challenging times to elevate your energy body.

To reflect all of the positions of the planets on your birth chart, you will want to have a Nakshatra Temple essence for each planet. These essences should be placed on the Nakshatra Wheel according to the configuration of the planets at the time of your birth. If you have more than one planet together in a Nakshatra, you only need one bottle of essence for that Nakshatra.

This will open a Cosmic portal. Allow your inner knowing to guide you.

(Downloading the Cosmic Insights App is incredibly helpful to tune into the cosmos at any given moment. Follow the movement of the planets and the moons by downloading the  app!)


Let’s hear a little bit more about you.

Helping others was the focus of my formal university education which includes a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Social Work, and completion of all the coursework for a PHD in Human Resources Development.  After initially working in human services, I had a successful corporate career in employee development.  My spiritual practice continued to exist along side my corporate executive responsibilities and I had a deep inner knowing that at some point I would leave it all for a more reclusive life style.

That happened at age 46 when I ended my corporate career and entered a period of the dark night of the soul and powerful spiritual transformation.  I began an in-depth apprenticeship with the Pachakuti Mesa tradition of Peruvian shamanism and over the next three years I worked extensively with plant spirit medicine.

I was then called to give back and made a spiritual commitment to work for five years at an international non profit dedicated to ending hunger.  Upon fulfilling my commitment, I spontaneously joined a small Yogananda inspired spiritual community and moved to the Big Island of Hawaii.  Following a daily disciplined routine of meditation, communing with the raw natural beauty of the island and being a part of the community fed my soul.  Last year, my life changed again when the fires from an active lava flow took the community house and my belongings.  It was a fierce teaching in non-attachment and I am so grateful for it. I am no longer living in community.  I live near the ocean and a powerful volcanic cliff that I commune with each morning.  I express my devotion by creating and tending earth altars that feed my Soul.

I recall sitting under the full moon and listening to Peruvian singing vessels with two initiates on the path of the Pachakuti Mesa tradition.  As we listened we gazed up at the full moon.  I felt my crown chakra open and celestial energy reflected by the moon streamed in and filled me. Wanting to share this expansive state and I asked to join hands.  I was disappointed when I was not successful in transferring  my expanded state to them. Puzzled by this, I investigated the astrological aspects and learned that the full moon that night aligned with where the moon was when I was born. This experience planted a cosmic seed in me that has led to my co-creation of the Nakshatra Temple Essences.  I remembered that a powerful key for opening a portal to the cosmos was based on the alignment of the moon and other planets with the Nakshatra star constellations at the moment of birth.

I am now on a boat on the Nile sleeping near an open window with a view of the night sky. (Nov 2019)  The belt of  Orion is above me.  Gazing at the night sky, I long to be my ancient self drinking in the moon and dancing with the energies of the stars.