Journaling Questions For Spring

Jeff Oxford

Can you feel it? In the air? In your head? In your heart? Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we have recently shifted into Spring and things are changing, oh, so fast. Before jumping straight into the new season, I encourage you to pencil time into your calendar to reflect on lessons learned during Winter. Even just fifteen minutes can lead to uncovering things that may have been otherwise masked. 


During the Winter season, we are compelled to retreat indoors and with that, many aspects of our life slow down. This trickles into other parts of our being too; asking us to slow down the pace and incline us to retreat inwards more than we typically would.


Here are a few activities to quiet your conscious mind and questions that will bring you closer to witnessing your soul’s voice.


Activities to Inspire You into Reflection

  • Take a walk alone out in nature. Allow the weather that surrounds you to stimulate your senses and thoughts. Lay in the grass or place your hands on a rock or tree. Allow Mother Earth’s connection and love to envelop you in the sweetest of hugs.
  • Draw a bath, add some coarse sea salt and your favorite essential oils or herbs, light some candles and sink into the warmth to relax your mind, body and spirit.
  • Get cozy on your couch, bed, or favorite sitting area. Dim the lights, light some candles, grab a blanket and put on your comfiest outfit. Grab your journal, a pen, and allow what naturally flows out of you to just be.

Questions to Ponder and Journal About

  • What went well this winter?
  • What still needs to be acknowledged?
  • What was an unexpected obstacle and how did you move past it?
  • In what ways did you grow this winter? How can you celebrate this growth?
  • Which habits helped me through this winter?
  • How has this winter better equipped me to serve?
  • How were my reactions to things? Do I want to react differently next time? If yes, how so?

May you be happy, healthy, and secure today and always. Happy Spring!