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  • Frankincense Tears Ancient Resin Incense $6.00
  • Copal Resin Incense - Peruvian Negro Black $6.00
  • Peruvian Myrrh Resin Incense $6.00
  • Palo Santo Resin Incense $9.00
  • Copal Resin Incense - Blanco White $5.00
  • Celtic Blend Resin Incense $6.00
  • Benzoin of Sumatra Resin Incense $5.00
  • Dragons Blood Resin Incense $10.00
  • Mayan Copal Resin Incense $6.00
  • Copal Resin Incense - Oro - Gold $5.00
  • Pinon Pine Resin Incense $7.00
  • Amazon Gold: Peruvian Resin Incense $8.00
  • Frankincense Resin Incense Cups $6.50
  • Breu Claro Resin Incense $8.00
  • Mexican White Copal Resin Incense $14.00
  • Mexican Copal Resin Incense $8.00

Here at Shamans Market, we have a wide collection of some of the best smelling resin incense available anywhere. Sourced ethically from fair trade sources whenever possible, our products feature single resins, as well as products that blend a number of different incense resins together.

What Is Resin Incense?

Incense comes in many different forms. Stick incense is possibly the most common, followed by other types such as cone and coil incense. Resin incense is just another form, one characterized by being less processed, as it’s harvested directly from the resin, or sap, of different trees instead of being ground into a powder and pressed into a specific shape. You can blend resin from two or more trees together or combine resin with select herbs to create blend incense resin. You can also keep your resins separate to create an incense, when placed on your incense burner, that provides just that scent and none others.

Common Types of Resin Incense

While all resin incense comes from the dried sap of different trees, there are a number of different varieties of resin incense. Some of these varieties are more widely known than others. Frankincense resin and myrrh resin incenses are perhaps the most well-known members of the incense resin family, though there are other resin incense products as well. These include dragon's blood resin, copal resin, Palo Santo, and many different types of blend resin products mixed with herbs.

Uses of Incense Resin

As one of the oldest types of incense products out there, resin incense has been a mainstay of innumerable shamanic traditions from around the world for untold generations. Frankincense, dragon’s blood, copal, myrrh, Palo Santo, and other types of blend resin can be used to purify and align ceremonial and ritual spaces and is also an excellent choice for setting the tone and mood prior to meditation. Incense resin is powerfully aromatic, so a little bit goes a long way! You’ll only need to put a small amount of resin incense on your burner to fill a space completely.

How to Burn Incense Resin

You will need a heat-proof container to act as an incense burner if you want to use incense resin properly. A brazier, cauldron, or kettle will do nicely, as this will be large enough to place your heat source and your incense resin inside.

Carefully light a charcoal disc and place it in your burner first (or fragments of charcoal if you’re only using a small amount of resin incense). Sprinkle just a little bit of your chosen incense over the burning charcoal. If you want even more smoke, you can add your resin first and then lay the charcoal on top of it. Remember: in order to safely enjoy your incense place your brazier in a safe place and never leave it unattended.