Tanis and the Magical Valley – A Journey Through the Inca Heartland

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Image of Mesa from a workshop with Sixto Paz Wells, author of Tanis and the Magical Valley, this past weekend that Laurie attended.

“…Logic and magic are like different languages based on different ways of understanding the world.” So says Tanis’ father, Jose, to his young daughter in Tanis and the Magical Valley. Explaining how the mountains of the Peruvian highlands helped the Quechua natives retain their identity when the Spanish tried to suppress their Inca heritage, Jose says, “From a logical perspective, the…remoteness of the mountains kept the highlanders out of sight and out of the minds of the colonial officials,…From a magical perspective, the Apus protected those who kept the old ways.  Either way you look at it, the mountains helped.”

Tanis-BookTanis and the Magical Valley brings English readers the second of Sixto Paz Wells’ eighteen books published in English. (The other English language work is The Invitation.) First released as Tanis y el Magico Cuzco, Wells says he wrote this loosely fictionalized account of a young girl and her family’s trip to Cuzco and the Sacred Valley of Peru in part to continue to spread his message about UFOs and Extraterrestrials to young people, their parents, and others. Tanis complements the theme of his earlier novel Tanis y el Esfera Dorada (Tanis and the Golden Sphere) with information about the ancient of wisdom of the Andean people who had regular contact with star peoples.  Wells has been a contactee himself and his RAHMA mission is known to many who follow the evolution of human consciousness on planet Earth and believe in the transformative power of love. See more about the RAHMA mission at  Transformational Healing Arts.

Laurie Friedler, Puerto Rican-born translator of Tanis, first met Wells on a journey to Peru in 2003. A few years later, in 2007 he asked her if she would translate his book. She declined saying, “I am not a translator.”  Yet she and Wells would meet again in 2010 when he responded to her request to meet a travel group Friedler was leading to Peru. Ever hopeful, Wells asked again, and this time Friedler agreed to take on the task. More than just purely translating words, Friedler set the stage for English speaking readers by creating a Prologue for those who not able to read the previous Tanis Spanish language book; she researched and added information about each region, expanded on the Andean wisdom traditions and included a map for those not familiar with the history and geography of the Sacred Valley; she also wrote an Epilogue and she added a glossary of Quechua words some of which have no direct correlation in English.


[Editors Note: The nephews of Alfonso Cuaron, award-winning director of the recent US movie Gravity, which starred Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, have picked up the movie rights to Tanis y la Esfera Dorada which will be released as an animated motion picture.]
Tanis offers a rich menu to be enjoyed at multiple levels.  The story of Tanis, her sister, Yaya, and her parents, Jose and Marina, on their trip to Cuzco provides the vehicle for experiencing significant and energetic places in the highlands of Peru. It serves us many rich Andean and Quechua traditions, customs and beliefs.  Insights into the role of the Star Relatives and the Quechua people, their continued contact and descriptions of encounters take this story deeper than words: Featuring Star Being guides, talking stones, a prophesying elder, synchronistic happenings and some mysterious lights, we go with eight year old Tanis on her family vacation to the sites around Cuzco, the Magic Valley and a shamanic journey or two. Friedler says, “I hope the book invites [readers] to question what [they] need or want to take along in [their] life journey to evolve consciousness…curiosity, courage, service, connection, wisdom, magic, love, gratitude, acceptance –or…something else?”

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