How to Loosen Stiff Mala Beads: Your Essential Guide

Bryan Bigelow

Mala beads are cherished by many for their spiritual significance and as a beautiful accessory. However, if you've recently acquired a new mala, you might have noticed that they often come a bit stiff, which can make them less comfortable to use during meditation or wear. This stiffness is typical for new malas, but with some care, you can easily make them more flexible and comfortable.

If you're wondering how to achieve that perfect, flexible feel for your mala follow our simple guide below. For those who prefer a visual tutorial, we've included a handy video demonstration.

Step-by-Step Guide to Loosen Your Mala Beads:

  1. Positioning: Start by holding your mala in your right hand. Aim to grip the third bead from the Guru bead (the central, often larger bead).

  2. Grip: Using your left hand, grasp the mala below the 15th bead. This should leave a section of beads between your two hands.

  3. Pull: Apply a firm yet gentle pull to the beads, just as shown in our video tutorial. Remember, you want to be assertive but avoid using excessive force.

  4. Proceed: Continue this pulling action around the entirety of the mala, ensuring each bead gets its fair share of the action.

  5. Repeat if Necessary: If after the initial round your beads still feel stiff, simply go through the process once more until they reach the desired flexibility.

Watch the Video Tutorial!

For those who appreciate visual aids, our video tutorial breaks down each step for you, ensuring you treat your mala beads with care and get the desired results.




Taking care of your mala beads, especially when they're new, ensures they are not only functional but also retain their beauty for years to come. With the method described above, your mala will soon be as flexible and comfortable as you desire. Here's to many moments of serene meditation with your well-maintained mala!

Remember: Before making any adjustments to your mala beads, always ensure they aren't made of materials susceptible to damage from pulling. When in doubt, consult the manufacturer or a jewelry specialist.