30 Best Sustainable Living Blogs in 2021

Best Sustainable Living Blogs in 2021

30 Best Sustainable Living Blogs in 2021

Sustainable living – it’s a topic that’s near and dear to many of us. Wanting to live in a way that’s in balance with our environment is a noble pursuit, and one that shoold be followed whenever possible. There’s a lot of conflicting information out there when it comes to the topic, though!

That’s why we’ve gathered the best sustainable living blogs we’ve seen so far this year. These 30 bloggers have what it takes to show you the way towards living a more authentic, responsible life, in tune with nature and the environment. Let’s get started, shall we?


Our Top 30 Sustainable Living Blogs

  1. Condo Blues
  2. Conserve Energy Future
  4. Deep Green Permaculture
  5. Earthava
  6. Earthy B
  7. Eco Thrifty Living
  8. Eco Warrior Princess
  9. Eco-Friendly Living
  1. Going True Green
  2. Groovy Green Living
  3. Healthy Happy Life
  4. Kate Elkind Fashion
  5. Main Street Vegan
  6. Mindful Momma
  7. Mindful Vegan Cooking
  8. My Plastic Free Life
  9. My Thrifty Life
  10. Nature’s Nurture
  1. Reusable Nation
  2. Saved By Grace
  3. Small Footprint Family
  4. Sustainablog
  5. Sustainably Chic
  6. The Peahen
  7. The Sustainable Living Podcast
  8. The Twins’ Wardrobe
  9. The Wasted Blog
  10. Urban Naturale


    1. Condo Blues


      A blog about green living, crafts, decor, and dogs by self-described “Frugal Green DIY Diva” Lisa Nelsen-Woods, Condo Blues is filled with quirky humor and style that’s sure to make you smile. From DIY home renovation, and crafts to countless painless frugal life hacks and healthy, delicious cooking recipes, Condo Blues is a great all-around blog for anyone interested in living differently.

    2. Conserve Energy Future


      With its motto of “Be Green, Stay Green”, Conserve Energy Future is the brainchild of Rinkesh Kukrej, born from a desire to do something besides turn a blind eye to the economic impact of relying on fossil fuel imports. Rinkesh focuses on energy conservation efforts on his blog, providing everything from information on whether coffee filters are biodegradable to sustainable and green building techniques.



      Created by a team of two, Alisha and David, DAT VEGAN LIFE focuses on the environmental, sustainable, and ethical reasons for going Vegan. It offers invaluable advice for someone just beginning their Vegan journey, including much more than information on what types of food to eat – the site also covers activism topics as well.

    4. Deep Green Permaculture


      Created by Australian sustainably expert Angelo Eliades, Deep Green Permaculture is all about connecting people to nature and empowering them to live sustainably. An incredible resource for any gardener and featuring a foll, step-by-step instructional course in permacolture and how to apply it to any type of setting, Deep Green Permaculture is a one-stop reference site for anyone who already has a green thumb – or who wants to develop their own.

    5. Earthava


      Founded by Egyptologist and environmental scientist Assmaa “Sam” Almaairgy, Earthava is all about finding sustainable, green, and renewable energy sources. Earthava focuses on providing news on international developments regarding climate change as well as what you, personally, can do, to promote the use of green energy to help preserve our natural environment.

    6. Earthy B


      Created by professional sustainability expert Rebecca B. Kimber, Earthy B focuses on responsible parenting, sustainable family living, environmental solutions to common problems, and easy ways to go green at home. Kimber also details dozens of eco-friendly products and services that she uses and recommends to help live a more sustainable life.

    7. Eco Thrifty Living


      Created as a way to showcase how you can save money and save the environment all at once, Zoe Morrison’s Eco Thrifty Living teaches you that spending less doesn’t have to reduce your family’s quality of life. An all-around resource for eco-friendly living for the beginner, Eco Thrifty Living is great for anyone looking to get started in living a less expensive and more sustainable life.

    8. Eco Warrior Princess


      Created by Jennifer Nini in 2010, Eco Warrior Princess covers environmental news, conservation issues, sustainability fashion, ethically conscious business, social justice issues, politics, feminism, eco-beauty and wellness, and green technology topics in a no-nonsense, no-B.S. manner. Today, Eco Warrior Princess is a burgeoning community of dozens of writers and contributors, all looking to make the world a better place.

    9. Eco-Friendly Living by Jess Rigg


      Focusing on green beauty, skincare, travel, and sustainable gift-giving, Jess Rigg’s Eco-Friendly Living focuses on being able to be your best self and to enjoy everything traveling the world has to offer without contributing to climate change. Eco-Friendly Living proves that it’s not impossible to have your cake and eat it too!

    10. FASHION me GREEN


      Created by Greta Eagan, FASHION me GREEN is all about providing style and sustainability in personal fashion without unnecessary sacrifice. The blog showcases clean beauty and ethical fashion companies that produce sustainably sourced makeup and garments, including vegan leather jackets, clothes colored with environmentally-friendly water-based dyes, and other, more sustainable methods.

    11. Going True Green


      Created by environmental scientist and naturalist Bill Lauto, the Going True Green blog has been in operation since 2013, making it one of the more venerable sources for environmental news and sustainable strategies out there today. This blog covers just about every subject you can think of, so be sure to use the search function to access its archives!

    12. Groovy Green Living


      Created by a self-described green living enthusiast and “recovering attorney” named Lori, Groovy Green Living is all about how to choose environmentally safer products for you and your family to use during everyday life. From green, sustainable children’s toys to safer alternatives to non-stick Teflon pans and more, Groovy Green is chock foll of tips for householders looking to lead a green, sustainable, and toxin-free life.

    13. Healthy Happy Life


      Created by Kathy Patalsy, Healthy Happy Life is a lifestyle blog. “Don’t call me a food blogger”, says Kathy, and her blog proves it – the topics she covers are much more than healthy, sustainable Vegan eating but also covers a wide variety of related topics such as food photography, social media matters, and much, much more.

    14. Kate Elkind Fashion


      Created by its eponymous founder, the Kate Elkind Fashion blog brings the importance of sustainable fashion, and sustainable lifestyles, to the forefront. Marrying passion for sustainable design with creativity and drive, Kate Elkind Fashion showcases some of the most innovative (and effective) ways to bring sustainability into your wardrobe.

    15. Main Street Vegan


      Created by author, educator, and vegan lifestyle coach Victoria Moran, Main Street Vegan is all about living a plant-based lifestyle. Taking an all-around approach and branching off from just dietary concerns, Main Street Vegan also discusses the ethics involved in practicing Veganism as well as other lifestyle issues such as exercise.

    16. Mindful Momma


      Mindful Momma strives to provide simple solutions for natural living. Created by Micaela, a busy mom with lots on her mind, in order to ensure families can enjoy healthy food and use the safest, most eco-friendly products possible while keeping budget in mind, Mindful Momma is all about offering the best in recipes, non-toxic beauty products, and natural living tips and tricks to other busy moms everywhere.

    17. Mindful Vegan Cooking by Ana Matoric

Ana Matoric’s Mindful Vegan Cooking offers much more than Vegan recipes. In fact, it offers deep philosophical defenses of Veganism, including spiritual practices that dovetail into the sustainable, cruelty-free way of life that Veganism espouses. A unique aspect of this site is that Ana also creates content in her native Serbian-Croation language as well as English.

    1. My Plastic Free Life


      Created by activist, public speaker, and author Beth Terry, My Plastic Free Life chronicles just that – Terry’s attempts to lead a life where she doesn’t contribute to plastic waste. From reusing and repurposing plastic to finding ways to not have to rely on plastic products at all, My Plastic Free Life is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to cut down their waste.

    2. My Thrifty Life by Cassiefairy

Providing inspiration for living a lovely life on a budget, Cassiefairy’s My Thrifty Life is all about creating classic and beautifol home decor. With a focus on easy, inexpensive do-it-yourself crafting and also teaching you how to reuse and repurpose everyday objects in unique ways instead of throwing them away, this blog is great for encouraging creative approaches for the whole family.

    1. Nature’s Nurture


      Offering small tips to a non-toxic home, Nature’s Nurture is all about making it easy to protect your family from potentially dangerous household chemicals. Created by a woman who goes by the name of Sarah who became concerned with the use of non-sustainable cleaning chemicals in her own home after her first pregnancy, Nature’s Nurture aims to make it easy to keep your family safe without making the whole process overwhelming.

    2. Reusable Nation


      Reusable Nation is all about lessening the human impact on the environment, especially when it comes to the amount of plastic waste we produce everyday. That’s why Vicky and Davi created this blog – to share their triumphs and setbacks in going as plastic waste-free and offer reusable alternatives whenever possible.

    3. Saved By Grace


      Created by a mom and an eco-friendly, frugal living hippie-at-heart named Christine, Saved By Grace is an eclectic blog that covers dozens of informative topics. A focus on DIY, money-saving, and eco-conscious consumption methods takes center stage, as does how to raise happy, folfilled kids that are also eco-conscious as well.

    4. Small Footprint Family


      Folly buying into the idea that “sustainability starts at home,” website creator Dawn Gifford is an absolute font of inexhaustible information on green and sustainable living. A retired Master Gardener and Master Composter with years of experience, Gifford covers not just gardening but natural health, green living, and making a difference in the wider world around us.

    5. Sustainablog


      As one of the early pioneers of online sustainability news, Sustainablog was created in 2003 by author and professor Jeff McIntire-Strasburg in an effort to apply sustainability concepts to the wider world. Covering science, media, living, politics, business, technology, and products associated with sustainability, today Sustainablog covers dozens of different topics every day.

    6. Sustainably Chic


      Centering around the idea that fashion can exist responsibly, fashion expert Natalie created Sustainably Chic with a focus on genuine, honest, and transparent analysis of the fashion industry. The blog focuses on how to find and enjoy clothing produced more ethically and responsibly by companies that use sustainable practices in order to reduce their environmental impact.

    7. The Peahen


      Created by Kasi Martin with an eye to bring journalistic standards back into the limelight of the fashion industry, The Peahen focuses on providing connected, compassionate, and conscious news to the forefront. Focusing on intersectionality, feminism, decolonization, and the need to preserve artisan traditions and pay workers a living wage, The Peahen sheds a much-needed light on fashion.

    8. The Sustainable Living Podcast


      This podcast (and accompanying blog) is the brainchild of Marianne West and Jenise Fryatt, chronicling their attempts to take back their lives and embrace their roles as stewards of the environment. Topics include turning waste into food, using what you already have in your garden, and focusing on reusability in daily life.

    9. The Twins’ Wardrobe by Summer and Holly

Created by a pair of twin sisters, The Twins’ Wardrobe is all about fashion, especially sustainable fashion and lifestyle choices, but also adds film and television fashion and costume reviews into the mix as well. A strong focus on visual arts and striking photography rounds out the blog, making The Twins’ Wardrobe a feast for the senses on all fronts.

  1. The Wasted Blog


    With a goal to inspire individuals to be more conscious of their ecological footprint on an everyday basis, The Wasted Blog is the brainchild of Florine. A great all-around resource for living a more sustainable life from the point of view of someone living it herself, The Wasted Blog is great for anyone.

  2. Urban Naturale


    With the tagline of “healthy, green, and natural by design”, Urban Naturale was created to help inform and shape people’s paths to living more sustainable lives. Created by Deborah Davis, this blog covers a moltitude of topics including food, fitness, fashion, health and wellness, colture, living green, and positive activism to help build a better world for all of us.

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