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  • Mirror of Heaven, Embodiment of Earth DVD - Oscar Miro-Quesada $15.40
  • RAMA - As Above So Below with Oscar Miro-Quesada- MP3 Download $39.95
  • Shamanic Visioning-Connecting with Spirit to Transform Your Inner and Outer Worlds by Sandra Ingerman $71.50
  • Peruvian Shamanism:Creating a Curandero's Mesa w/ Oscar Miro-Quesada - MP3 Download $81.50
  • RAMA - As Above So Below with Oscar Miro Quesada - Flash Drive $49.95
  • Radical Self-Acceptance by Tara Brach $21.50
  • When Pain is the Doorway-Awakening in the Most Difficult Circumstances by Pema Chodron $19.95
  • Whispers: The Spirit of Now with Deepak Chopra & Eckhart Tolle $19.98
  • Knowing Your Shadow-Becoming Intimate with All That You Are by Robert Augustus Masters $60.50
  • Self-Compassion Step by Step: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself $60.50