2021 Gifting Guide - Staff Favorites

Kristen Lagos

2021 Gifting Guide

Zoe - Order Fulfillment

Flute : I love this handcrafted Peruvian flute! It was the first item I bought from Shaman’s Market before I started working here. It’s been a great addition to my collection of instruments. Whether you’re a skilled flute player or just beginning, it sounds great and is easy to play!

Teepee Incense Burner : This burner is AWESOME! It’s the perfect size and is suitable for any cone incense you prefer. It includes 40 cones of Piñon, which is one of my favorites. I love watching the smoke rise out of the top, and it’s a cute addition to my home.

Golden Cacao - Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate : This is such a delicious drink. It’s great for cacao ceremony, or for waking up on a peaceful weekend morning. The turmeric adds great flavor and additional health benefits! I love to prepare this cacao with warm milk for a soothing, heart-expanding experience.


Elijah - Product Packaging

Wildwood Tarot :  A great deck for new readers and seasoned ones as well. The stunning visuals take you on a journey through prehistory and the uniqueness of the interpretations of cards give it a very wise tone. A deck that feels very good in the hands.

Essential Oil Relief Kit : Great little starter kit and perfect to keep in a bag. A great little gift of 'me time' and wellness. Perfect for people who love baths, love nature, and love smelling good!

Shungite Bracelet : I wear one every day! Essential for people who are around computers and technology a lot or for spiritually sensitive people to protect and block out any unwanted energies. Plus it's black so it goes with everything!


Kali - Inventory & Purchasing

Collagen Booster, Dirty Rose Chai : Every morning, I love to start my day with the collagen booster dirty rose chai added to my coffee and a little sidekick of Viridem Elixer mixed with fresh squeezed lemon and water. Viridem has an appealing earthy green flavor.

Beeswax Black Skull Candle : One of my favorite, year-around, living room décor items. It makes a great gift too!

Frankincense Essential Oil : I use Frankincense oil nearly every evening when I am winding down for the night, it instantly creates a relaxing atmosphere.

You Are Loved Gift Box : You are Loved Gift box is one of my favorites. It makes a great gift for a friend, partner, or yourself. It offers beautifully fragrant and useful items all in one.



Joshua - Maker, Photography, Order Fulfillment 

Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp - Pyramid : I love the form and the warm light it blankets a room in.

Handbeaten Singing Bowl w/Cushion : I enjoy seeing the marks from the artisans who crafted this beautiful instrument, and its tones are a grounding force in a chaotic world.

Black Matte Clay Stoneware Glazed Incense Holder : I am a big fan of the Incausa line, each piece is a unique work of art and you can see the love that has gone into it.

White Llama Doll : These are the best, they make great gifts for children and adults alike. Cute, soft and sure to make you smile.

Concentric Bands Concrete Incense BurnerAs the maker of our new concrete incense burner line, this piece has a special place in my heart. The soothing bands take me to an amphitheater, and serve as a reminder of how the small differences in similar forms are beautiful when viewed in contrast.


Bryan - Founder & Customer Service

Concentric Bands Concrete Incense Burner - Love these new burners made by Joshua! This one does it all. You can burn all your incense in on burner: Rope, Resin, Smudge stick, Masala Incense, cones, palo santo & more. The concentric circles remind me of Moray in the sacred valley outside of Cusco Peru. Moray is a sacred site of the Incas.

Shamans' Chakana Necklace : Edwin, our silversmith from Cusco, did a beautiful job creating these hand wrought, elegant, sterling silver necklaces that feature our chakana logo. Stunning!

Vedic Astrology - Nakshatra Wheel Divination Kit - Georgia's epic journey travelling to the sacred temples of India creating these truly amazon vibrational essences is an inspiration to me! This Nakshatra Wheel Divination Kit is a great introduction Vedic astrology and connecting with the star energies in your chart on a personal level.


Kristen - Email & Social Media 

Sodalite Polished Points : As someone who is creating and writing a lot, having Sodalite nearby is a must to break through any blocks. The look and feel is so calming that it provides clarity and a path to creativity. A great gift for the creatives in your life!

Beeswax Candle Tapers : I've been enjoying the warm glow and slow burn of these tapers this season. Plus, they look great on altars, dining tables, coffee tables, side tables. They're great and I appreciate how clean beeswax burns. 

Palo Santo & Copal Incense Sticks : I love the scent of copal and these are hand rolled by my dear friend, Michele. Palo Santo and Copal are pleasant scents that are gifting friendly. 

Concentric Bands Concrete Incense Burner : No matter what kind of incense your friend or mom burns, they can use this for whatever it may be. The style of this incense burner, it's so modem and unique. 

Autumn Equinox Herbal Tea : This tea is a blend of herbs that will keep you or loved one warm and well. Echinacea is the star herb in the blend as an immune supporter. 

Solar Plexus Chakra Anointing Oil : One of my favorites from the chakra anointing oil collection. The combination of black pepper and juniper oils makes a fragrance for autumn and winter rituals. 

Kristen Lagos - Blog Post Author

Kristen Lagos

Marketing and Keeper of the Crystal Forest at Shamans Market Kristen manages all things marketing at Shamans Market. She’s always been captivated with spirituality and nature in all their forms and has studied quite a bit of both. She is a registered yoga instructor through Yoga Alliance and is continuously learning and growing. She likes to climb rocks, swim in the great lakes, and dance in the forests.