Awakening With Serpent Medicine

Jeff Oxford


In the past year, I have met more humans who are waking up to their soul’s calling than ever before. It feels that the amount of people who are hearing the call is rapidly increasing. These people are going about their lives until- boom. It happens. They might lock eyes with a stranger, feel a deep connection to a character in a book, have a dream that catches their attention, or even randomly meet someone who is following their calling without hesitation. This exchange strikes them because it stirs up a new feeling within; one that cannot be explained in words. In my experience, this feeling triggers a whole list of questions that can be boiled down to the strongest one, “What am I doing?!”. These people have been living life a certain way for a while and this exchange makes them realize, deep down, that this way of being is not serving them any longer. It might feel like they need to make a big change in your life- or more- because it’s the only solution. They’re not sure how to do this, how long it will take, or what lies beyond this change. All they know is they can no longer stay where they are right now.



This, my loves, is the breaking point. The point where we choose to change one thing but in circular time, not just one thing changes. Everything changes. We open ourselves up to a sliver of change and in that new space, light pours in. This light contains new paths, new ways of being, new stories, and a sense of the infinite possibilities that have been there all along. 

If this sounds like you or you have experienced a similar situation, I have something for you. First, you are not alone! There are thousands upon thousands of people who are feeling the call, just like you. Second, now is a great time to hone in on creating new space for your calling to integrate into your life. I highly recommend working with the serpent (snake) archetype to assist you in this shift.



Serpents are magical creatures. They slither through life belly to belly with Pachamama (Mother Earth). They see through the eyes of the physical, meaning they only worry about the necessities of food, water, shelter, and reproduction.

As a serpent grows in size, its skin becomes stretched. The serpent’s skin doesn’t grow as the snake grows in size though so eventually, its skin reaches a point where no further growth is possible. The snake skin becomes dry and itchy as a new layer of skin grows underneath the current one. When a snake is ready to shed its old skin, it rubs its head against a rock until the roughness creates a tear in the skin. It will then inch its way through the old layer of skin until it is completely removed. They do this with no attachment and no judgment.

Does this shedding process sound familiar? There is a remarkable parallel between a snake shedding its skin and us humans shedding our old “skin” or old ways of being. We can take inspiration from our serpent friends as they release their old skin with grace and ease. They are not attached to what outcome might arise once the skin is gone. All they know is that they need it gone. 

Call upon a serpent guide to show you how to shed anything that no longer serves you. Ask them to teach you this skill with no attachment or judgment. Let them know that you are open to their wisdom and thank them for all they do for you. 



After you shed your old skin, get clear on the foundation you want to build for your new life. To do this, re-evaluate the aspects of your life that you desperately wanted to change before. Maybe you still need to end that relationship or quit the job that does not align with your truth. Do it! Maybe you’ll also realize that the only thing under your control is yourself. The internal self. It’s not just the exterior changes that make a difference. Ask yourself, from this new way of being, how you want to carry yourself in the world. See if you need to shift your self-talk and how you perceive yourself. Anything you shift internally will always reflect in your exterior world.

Always remember you are held in Pachamama’s loving embrace. Feel her unconditional love and endless support as you step into this new way of being.