Flamecrafting: Elemental Wisdom & Candle Magic Teachings

Jeff Oxford


Before you begin, you will need a candle, preferably one you do not have to hold the entire time
and fire source such as a lighter or matches. You will also need a journal and a pen to record
your notes. Oh! And an open heart! <3

T E A C H I N G S by F I R E

Fire is a sacred space holder, a force of destruction but also a giver of life. Fire teaches us about
boundaries, respect, and discernment. It teaches us about nourishment, passion, and ambition.
Fire destroys so that it can make space to create. Fire teaches us about power and our
responsibility to channel it with wisdom. Fire is light. It is sight. It is touch and embrace.
When we work with the fire element through candle magic, we are opening ourselves to a
divine and primal force of creation. A candle can be used for many things such aesthetic
ambience, for light, and for aromatherapy. They can also be used for magic. Magic is our ability
to co create with source and our own will with regard for the highest good. True magic happens
seamlessly; merged with, integrated and in communication with all things. When we bring
magic to candles we have a sacred tool, waiting to hold space for us. When we add the
consciousness of herbs and crystals, we amplify these energies by integrating fire with earth,
air, and water.

So, how can you work with candles for magic?
To hold space for your intentions! By designating a specific candle for a specific intention, the
energy behind your intention imbues into the candle becoming part of its matrix. You can use
the same candle for many intentions. It is the present moment intention that takes root. Your
candle will hold that intention because it has been “programmed” for those specific energies
through your will and it will hold those intentions until you direct it otherwise.
Remember that…
Intention setting through candles is a beautiful way to anchor your meditations and prayers.
Considering that fire connects us to our primal force, candle magic can also help us in
connecting with, talking to and recognizing the divine.
r e f l e c t

What is fire to you? What is your current relationship with fire? When you think about fire or
feel into it, what comes up for you?



With any magical practice, it is always important to first assess whether or not you should be
working with this magic in the first place. By should, I mean, whether or not it serves the
universal, highest and best good and whether or not it will guide you in receiving the answers
you need or the experience you/your highest self are seeking.
So to set your intention with your candle, hold the unlit candle between your hands and close
your eyes. Connect the candle to your heart. State your intention silently or aloud.
Then, light the candle, placing it on a level surface.
Connect your heart to the flame to conclude your intention setting and to prepare yourself for
your practice. Ask yourself if there are answers to questions you are seeking.
r e c o r d y o u r i n t e n t i o n s & y o u r i n q u i r i e s



Fire scrying or flame scrying is the practice of gazing into the fire while keeping your intuition
open to receiving psychic information. We can also use flame scrying to receive healing from
the fire element and to aid in centering us for meditation or prayer.
p r a c t i c e
This sacred practice is best implemented in a dimly lit room at sunset or after dark. With the
candle as the only light in the room, the eyes naturally soften and gently focus towards the
flame. Have your candle in front of you on a flat surface. For practice, it will help for you to be
at eye level with the candle. Feel the flow of your energy from your gaze to the flame. Then feel
the flow of energy from the flame to your eyes. Practice this flow a few times.
What did you feel as the energy flowed between yourself and the flame?
How would you describe this process?
Write down your notes.
This is the first foundational piece of flame scrying.
We will get to the divination portion later in this workbook.

F L A M E C O L O R & B E H A V I O R

To be able to read the flame or detect messages through this practice, it is important to
understand flame behavior and to have practice observing them.


The blue portion of the flame signifies the intensity, potency, and concentration of the energy of
your intention or inquiry.

The orange in a flame signifies neutrality, homeostasis, baseline or centeredness.

The white part of the flame signifies purity, the higher mind and your connection to Spirit.
Pay attention to the proportions of color, how it moves from one color to the next and how the flame grows.

p r a c t i c e

Gaze into each portion of the flame while holding your intention or inquiry in your heart. Then
notice the visions, sensations or awarenesses that come up for you while gazing into each layer.
Watch for images and symbols.
Write down your observations, thoughts and feelings.
A pulsing flame can bring the message of stamina, to keep the path or faith, constancy or that help is
on the way.

(see Dancing Plume below)

(see Straight Plume below)

This flame behavior can mean that the inquiry in question is not to be looked into at this time.
Respect that. The reasons for this could be numerous.
Interpret the smoke behavior to receive the information that you can.


These sacred smoke practices can be applied in candle magic but they can also be applied to
smudges and incenses. It is important to keep in mind to conduct these practices in a secure
space away from drafts or fans as they can skew your interpretations.
What can a Straight Plume mean?
A straight plume signifies a “direct” line to Spirit/Source. Meaning, “your prayers and
intentions are being heard.” It could also mean a “straight” ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer to your
question. The energy of the straight plume of smoke is definitive. An action may or may not be
required. This would depend upon the nature of your question.
What can a Dancing Plume mean?
A dancing plume signifies that there is movement. This movement is either needing to occur or
will occur in the near future (forecasting). A dancing plume signifies that an action is required.
Action can also be interpreted as choice.
A dancing plume can also signify that more work or research/information is necessary for the
situation you are inquiring about.
Think about Scenario #1 for a moment
You have stated your intentions. Called in sacred space. Then you decide to ask this question,
“Are my guides here?” Your smoke dances a bit then moves into a straight line.
How would you interpret this behavior?
My interpretation below.
Scenario #2
Imagine you are at a crossroads in your relationship and you need guidance. You are unsure
what action to take with your partner. Do you breakup or do you stay together? You feel into
your heart and highest self and receive a clear ‘yes,’ that candle magic and flame crafting are a
divination practice for this question. You create sacred space and call in guides/protection. You
set your intention for your inquiry and then light the candle. You ask the flame to reveal to you
if it is in the highest and best interest of all for you to breakup with your partner. The bottom
part of the flame intensifies to a bright blue. The flame starts to dance wildly. You experience
uneasiness in your stomach and then the flame becomes completely erect and still. You
somehow feel more at peace but there were no clear images or messages that came to you.
How would you interpret this scenario? If this were you, what would these flame behaviors and
colors signify to you? Read below for my interpretation.
Scenario #2.5
You come back to the practice to reassess your inquiry. You clear your heart and mind and ask
again. Is it in my highest and best interest and in the highest and best interest of everyone
involved for me to break up with my partner? The flame does nothing. It is completely still and
maintains this stillness for quite some time. You feel centered and confident. You notice that
you are wary about what the future holds, but you are also positive and hopeful for your path.
How would you interpret this scenario? If this were you, what would this flame behavior mean
to you? Read below for my interpretation.
Scenario #3
You take all of the necessary protocols for asking your question. Your inquiry is about whether
or not your recently passed grandmother is at peace, still on Earth and if she has passed yet.
The flame glows and pulses with an orange flame. The flame then dims and self extinguishes.
The plume of smoke rises straight toward the sky. Read below for my interpretation.


It can also be useful to observe the shadow of a flame. The first time I worked with candle
magic, I was blessed to meet fire fairies. Music was playing and I noticed that the shadow of
the flame was moving to the rhythm of the music. When I stopped the music, the flame
stopped. I tested a few variables by moving my phone and allowing the music to play from
different vantage points and the flame and shadows would dance with the music… So
interesting and mysterious.
I looked at the shadows cast on the wall from the flame and they were in the perfect shape of
three fairies. Not all fire fairies look like winged beings. For this experience I am sure they
came in in this way to be clear for me. I asked these fire fairies how to work with candle magic
and they taught me these teachings about flame scrying and gazing. They also helped to train
my psychic eye so I could interpret the meanings of the flames, shadows and smoke plumes in
the clearest of ways. If you need assistance with this practice, you can call upon the fire fairies/
devas to help you too.
You can also interpret the shadows of a flame by noticing its shape and behavior.


To conclude your practice, you can choose to blow your candle out with breath or to extinguish
your flame using a snuffer tool. If you’re feeling particularly brave, you can wet your fingers
and extinguish the flame this way. Exercise caution and fire safety anytime you are handling
If your practice was centered prayer, meditation or conversations with the divine, I recommend
blowing the candle out with your breath. Bringing breath to your practice empowers your
prayers and delivers them on air to the divine.
If your practice was centered around divination and manifestation, use a snuffer tool or
extinguish the candle without breath to keep the energy of your practice rooted in the candle
and allow it to hold sacred space for you.


New Moon: This is the phase of the moon that signifies new beginnings, ‘seeding’ and release.

Waxing Crescent Moon: Since ‘waxing’ signifies the moon is ‘growing’ this is a time to stoke
your inner fire and keep intentions close to your heart.

First Quarter Moon/Half Moon: This moon brings balancing of shadow and light. It can also
signify decision making and the presentation of choice.

Waxing Gibbous Moon: This is the phase of moon just before the Full Moon. Before the moon
completes its cycle, this moon asks us to refine our intentions and to purify our lives.

Full Moon: This moon signifies completion, the ending of a cycle, release, but also celebration.
Waning Gibbous Moon: This is the moon phase just after the full moon asking us to reflect
upon the completion of this cycle and to find gratitude for what was.

Third Quarter or Waning Half Moon: Like the First Quarter Moon/Half Moon, this also
signifies balance. It also signifies forgiveness.

Waning Crescent: Waning means to “grow smaller.” As this is the phase just before the next
New Moon, the energy of this moon is about surrender.

We can join our candle magic and intention setting with any phase of the moon to assist and
empower where we are on our journeys. Considering that the moon corresponds to the water
element, working with candle magic and the fire element can be a beautiful way to balance
these two polarities and see the connection between shadow-light, masculine-feminine and all of
the other polar juxtapositions.

F I R E C L E A N S E S & H E A L I N G S

Gaze into the flame or fire with soft eyes. Feel the energy of the fire connecting to your third
eye. Then close your eyes and let the after glow of the flame move into your third eye, washing
over your chakra, purifying this center. This practice is a good way to sharpen your
clairvoyance and is also a useful technique to begin your practice with to open your intuition.
For this healing, you can choose to keep a candle lit or not. Close your eyes and imagine you
are sitting at the center of a sphere with swirling ebony smoke. The sphere fills completely
with this ebony smoke, connecting you to the Great Cosmic Void. See a flame igniting at the
base of your root chakra. Allow this flame to raise into your sacral chakra, expanding through
your root and illuminating your reproductive system. Then see the flame rising into your solar
plexus, expanding through your body, and up through your heart. Let it wash through your
chest, rising this flame through your throat and up into your third eye. Take a deep breath and
allow the flame to fill into your crown chakra, illuminating your entire body. Allow the entirety
of your field to light this black sphere. Take a breath and when you are ready, take a look
around you and notice what you have brought light to around you…


If you are experiencing a challenging situation in your life, you can ask the fire element to
transmute any vibrations that do not serve you and the highest good. See the situation in your
mind’s eye. Then see this situation seated at the center of the fire. Allow the fire to bathe the
situation with its light and allow it to transmute the energies into the purest distillation that
you are ready to experience.
Scenario #1
An interpretation could be that the dancing of smoke signified the movement of energy coming
from your guides into the space and the straight plume is telling you that ‘yes’ in fact they are
there. This is the most likely answer to this question as a straight plume signifies a direct line to
Spirit. Your guides are exactly that.
Scenario #2
With the behaviors of the flame it appears that something needed to move in regards to this
inquiry. Due to the individual’s responses of the experience it appears that the flame brought
healing to the situation and allowed a clearing to take place. While there is not a clear ‘yes’ or
‘no’ about what action to take, the individual is now in a clearer, more centered space to
reassess their situation.
Scenario #2.5
It is MOST important to understand how YOU feel in this situation. And always. The scenario
can be interpreted both ways with ‘yes’ breaking up is your answer or ‘no’ breaking up is not
your answer. It would depend upon the state of the individual and what wary or positive and
hopeful mean to them. Though, it would be important to again look at the inquiry in question.
The individual asked, “Is it in my highest and best interest to breakup with my partner?”
Which MAY signify that they are leaning this way anyway…
That is something to be looked at.
Since a still flame or plume would mean that no action is required the most likely interpretation
for this scenario would be to stay put and see what moves in the relationship.
Scenario #3
With the behavior of this flame it appears that the message is coming forth to keep the faith or
that help is on the way for your deceased grandmother. The pulsing flame can also mean in this
situation that she is making her presence known. The self-extinguishing flame can mean there
is nothing else to know about the situation or that the inquirer is not meant to know anything
else at this time. The straight plume of smoke signifies there is a direct line to Spirit. So
maybe, all is peaceful and okay with this situation.


Remember that with any divination practice, the answers received through the practice are
always up to the inquirer. Listen to your intuition. Listen to your heart. Listen to your body.
The information here is outlined for you as a guide, not as a means to an end. When in doubt,
ask the fire element and the fire elementals/fairies to help you, guide you and bring things into

I hope you enjoyed the information here! I am always here for you if you have questions.
Many blessings,
Vanessa Lamorte Hartshorn, M.A. & Reiki Master Teacher