Celebrate Sustainable Palo Santo This Earth Day

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Protection for Holy Wood: Palo Santo

If you are an aficionado of aromatic Palo Santo incense or essential oil, you are probably aware that although the trees grow in various parts of the dry forests of the Andes, the biggest concentration of trees is found in Ecuador. The time period between planting and harvesting Palo Santo to prepare products is long, very long. It has been reported Palo Santo trees can live for 80 to 90 years. After its death, the tree must remain in its natural habitat for 4 to 10 years to complete the process that disperses the resin throughout the decaying wood and providing the fragrance that we have come to love. That makes them special and dear to their growers and users, not to mention raising sustainability issues.

A Plan for Perpetuation

Recently the Ministry of Environment of Ecuador completed a project which culminated in granting the sustainable sue of Palo Santo to our long time partner, Dante Bolacto. Known as the Integrated Management Plan, the project unfolded in several stages. The project was created to manage environmental impact and identify the involved growing areas. Zoning this area of 50 hectares came next and the planting of 5000 trees will follow. As in any good project, community involvement was sought and gained, and 16 families agreed to protect the dry forest growing area. After restoration and reforestation, it is hoped jobs will be created, the economy will be stimulated and quality of life will improve for the inhabitants of the area, thus formalizing the protection of the trees and integration into the ways of life for the locals To date three hectares have been reforested including 1600 species of Palo Santo.

Shaman Market’s Role

Shamans Market is committed to being socially responsible and that includes having an awareness of the origins of our products and supporting suppliers who practice eco-friendly ways in their manufacturing and production. Shamans Market supports these sustainable practices through its association with Deltatau Palo Santo Foundation of Manabi. Our Palo Santo sticks and oil is harvested in ways that promote the continued care and growth of these trees. Our goal is always to Live in Harmony with our Earth.

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