Energetic Spring Cleaning

Jeff Oxford

Spring is the time of year where the deep, incubative energy of Winter has been cracked open. The dream seeds planted at Winter Solstice begin to blossom, bringing a new zest for what is birthing. I feel it is important to point out that this is Earth’s season and if you are not feeling resonant with this for your own practice, that is totally okay. We all have our own seasons. Follow your timing. 

This ritual is designed for the cleaning of space that can be applied to any type of birth-for Spring, the arrival of a child, a transition in life like a career change or the welcoming of a new project. Any time there is a grand shift in energy or change in direction, a space cleaning like this can help to release the old and make space for the new blessings to come. It is a way to prepare the sacred container that will support your own auric field, spiritual practice and process.

Before gathering materials, pause for a moment and connect with your intention. Take a few deep cleansing breaths to center your awareness and ground into the heart. What is it that you wish to release? What are you wishing to adjust in your life as you move toward beginning a new phase or cycle? What are you ready to make space for? How is this transition welcoming a new part of yourself? If it is helpful, write out your answers in a journal before proceeding. 

Once you feel your heart is aligned with your purpose for doing this ritual, gather your materials.


For this ritual you will need:

-A glass bowl 


– (3) Herbs: Choose what feels right to you.

Work with what you have and/or what you are called to. We will be creating an herbal asperge. This is the official word for water that is sanctified or intended for a sacred purpose. Traditionally, asperges are used to sprinkle on the ground to bless a property, space or over the body to bless and anoint the soul. Asperges are recognized in nearly every tradition worldwide and is one of the most fundamental, yet potent forms of herbal magic.

There are many properties of each plant, but these are the messages that these plant spirits wished for me to include here.


Bay Leaf: For expelling dense energies and detoxifying a home or space.

Basil: For awakening creative expression and activating the voice.

Juniper: For sealing and shielding a space. Also for inviting fertility.

Lemon: For cleaning, personal power and “waking up” old loves such as hobbies, talents and gifts.

Thyme: For multi-layered cleaning of space including the physical, emotional, mental and astral spaces. Also for calibrating one to time in a more harmonious way.


Once you have chosen your three plants to work with, thank them for their guardianship. Open all the windows in a home to let out old air and bring in fresh air. This isn’t required, but I find it to be a step that deepens this practice. Fill your glass bowl with water. If you want to add a layer of magic, work with rain or natural spring water. It is said that this invites benevolent elemental or faery people into your realm to support you. Then place your herbs in the bowl. Cup the bowl with your hands or place them over the water. Keep your gaze soft and synching with the water. Connect back to your intention, taking a deep breath. On your exhale, breathe your intentions into the water. When you are ready, collect the herbs from the bottom of the bowl and use them as a bundle to sprinkle water where you wish to bless, dipping as you need to. It is recommended to start with your own body, cleansing the layers of the aura. Gently shake the bundle of your body, sprinkling the asperge water. Then continue through the home. Once you have cleaned and blessed the home, move outside if you wish. This is not a required last step, but can be useful if it resonates. You have now completed your energetic “spring cleaning!” 

Creating asperge water and working with its magic is applicable to any type of celebration, transition or healing. Welcome the plant spirits that come forward to assist you and take time to breathe into their messages. Researching their magical properties can be fun, but I find that the best messages are the ones they tell me themselves. Just listen with an open heart and they will share their messages with you too.