New: The Jewelry of Hypknotica

Kristen Lagos

Our roots are in Metro Detroit. And, if you haven’t heard, Detroit is booming with talented artists and creatives. In one of our neighborhoods, Ferndale, there is a market known as The Rust Belt. It features traveling artist but has an emphasis on local talent.

It was a busy Saturday afternoon near the holidays and I was searching for gifts for my loved ones. I was immediately ‘hyknotized’ by the work of Cris Borowski. She is the createtress behind the jewelry of Hyknotica. She was surrounded by beautiful stones and handmade leather bags as she worked on a piece behind her booth and I was so captivated by her work that afternoon. I immediately felt her traveler vibe through her knotted bracelets. I had the chance to talk with Cris and ask her some questions. Here is her story in her words…

“The year was 2000 and I had gone on vacation to Costa Rica to get far away from the noise and concrete chaos of NYC.  On day one, at the campground I met the love of my life!  His goal was to travel to the Patagonia and he invited me to go with him!  I said yes.

From there forward life forever changed for both of us.  We took on a 7-year journey, backpacks in tow, my little dog and soon one more.

“While traveling we needed a way to sustain our travels- Oscar already lived off making his own macramé jewelry and brought me up to speed.  Along the way, we learned a ton of new techniques.  Our hands were making this dream come true.  It wasn’t that we planned to be artisans, it just happened that way.  He’s a lawyer by trade and I worked on set design for film and stage in the big apple.  What we took on with traveling was a natural transition that ended up suiting us both.

“Beauty is everywhere, especially in animals, insects and in the sky & ocean.  The We constantly travel, but Mexico City is our home base now.  Our inspiration comes from getting back on the road, getting to walk through the mountains, snorkel in the sea and even the liveliness of the big city.  colors, patterns and combinations of it all is what we draw from in our work.

“I would call our work Contemporary Macramé – some of the weaves we do are less than 20 years old, it’s not the stuff people were doing back in the 70s!  We incorporate gems, minerals & found objects from nature and into almost every piece.  The piece takes on a life of its own and guides us to completion!”

We are so thrilled to have her creating jewelry for us.

She has used her dreamy knotting skills and eye for color to create this collection of palo santo bracelets and necklaces. The necklaces feature a hand carved chakana. Not worshipped, but admired by many for its symmetrical beauty the chakana cross represents the multiple levels of existence beyond the literal cardinal directions it points to. The bracelet is simple yet sweetly put together with wooden beads of the palo santo tree. These pieces are rooted in nature and woven with a true wanderers’ spirit and love.

Follow Cris’s journey on Instagram (@_hypknotica_ ) and see her collection on our shop.

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Kristen Lagos

Marketing and Keeper of the Crystal Forest at Shamans Market Kristen manages all things marketing at Shamans Market. She’s always been captivated with spirituality and nature in all their forms and has studied quite a bit of both. She is a registered yoga instructor through Yoga Alliance and is continuously learning and growing. She likes to climb rocks, swim in the great lakes, and dance in the forests.