The Art of Sacred Adornment

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Have you ever considered the act of adorning yourself as a sacred act? A ritual. Something to be done with intention to cultivate beauty that radiates outward from within all day… When you consciously choose to adorn yourself with jewelry, clothes, or even scents that make you feel beautiful, you glow. You radiate from within and that radiance is contagious and you share it with everyone else in your day.

We humans have been adorning ourselves since the dawn of time. From ceremonies to special occasions, why not make every day just a meaningful with the act of sacred adornment…


Try to be picky when purchasing jewelry. Does the stone have a specific property that aligns with where you are at in life? Was it made from an artist or a friend who put much care and intention into the piece? Does it come from a place that means a lot to you, a sacred place perhaps? When you buy something from an artist you’re helping to support a specific person and their family. When the things you choose to adorn your body with come from someone and not machine made, there are intentions and so much care woven into the work. Quality, artisan made pieces have a higher vibration and add to your vibration and the energy you put out into the universe.

Does the Sacred Valley of Peru call to you? Do the Himalayan Mountains make you squeal with excitement? Do you feel a connection with the members of the Shipibo Tribe? Even wearing your animal totem or spirit animal can help shine your inner beauty outwards.


The very act of adorning yourself can become sacred when you yourself place intentions while putting it on. It can become a ritual to add into your life. A time to honor all the beauty that you are. Remind yourself how beautiful and awesome you are. You deserve to look beautiful. When you take the time to infuse the act of adorning yourself with positive thoughts you become a living, breathing prayer.

Celebrate your inner experience with outer beauty. Wear jewelry that makes you sing, makes you dance…even if it is just on the inside.

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