This Detroit Healer Is Inspired To Heal The Collective Community We Call Earth

Kristen Lagos

Meet Adrianna Sesi. She shines her passion for holistic healing in every part of her life, both professionally and personally. She is a true healer that practices what she teaches, believing that everybody has the ability to come into their body and heal themselves. Believing in the collective power of healing together and growing together. And believing in the value of anything that enhances the quality of life. We’ve been partnering with her and some of her events in Detroit.

Adrianna is based out of the Metro Detroit area and has manifested a series of events she had been yearning for.

“I love music and to socially connect, but I don’t love the typical club vibe. So I wanted to create an outing the revolves around consciously creating a space that allows people to come into their body. An alternative to the average club that can encourage actions of taking yourself out of yourself.”

These events revolve around connecting, creativity, and wellness with a focus on coming back into and starting again. She’s in the middle of her “re:” series, naming all of her events with words that evoke the feeling of refreshing, recharging, revitalizing, rejuvenating, etc. Next up is her event Resonate, a sound journey and multisensory healing. Participants will be led on a sound meditation and journey provided by Neale Baldyga of Sound Shepherd who is based out of Chicago. The integration of frequencies from the various live instruments, lights, scents, and tactile modalities will bring the event goers deeply into harmony and peace. All of her events come with the intention to align you with your highest self and activate your energy body.

Adrianna had a couple significant life changing experiences that she draws upon for the foundation of her work.

With a history of chronic health and heart issues manifesting in her high school years she experienced a small stroke. She never imagined she would be 16 and in a hospital bed paralyzed, not able to function. Lying there, feeling totally helpless, she heard a woman crying out and screaming in agony, she had this intense realization of how fragile life is and how it can slip from you at any second. This experience served as an initiation into exploring her spirituality and learning about holistic healing.

She has always seen herself as a seeker and sensitive from a very young age. She was raised Catholic, and while she thinks the religion is beautiful, she never felt entirely captivated with the teachings and practices. She wanted to fit into the religion, but started to seek other alternatives. In her quest she realized:

“Spirituality can be this thread that ties all of the world’s religions and people together. It’s all the same, it’s all the same love.”

She began to dive into the world of breathwork, yoga, and meditation which taught her to manage anxiety and learn how it felt to breathe normally with more control over her sense of self. Her curiosity grew and went on to study energy healing through reiki and healing touch. During her studies, she received a profound session in where she felt enveloped with this feeling of oneness, feeling as if she was becoming the entire world. She could feel little tiny pains throughout her body in relation to the pain and strife that is all over our world. After this she knew it was her purpose to help ease these pains. The pains within herself and that of in the whole world and the people in it.

Adrianna describes herself as a lover of life, adventure, and all things beautiful. She’s inspired to facilitate a healing process for others, and through doing so, facilitate a healing of the collective community we call Mother Earth. Her integrative method of healing incorporates principles from Reiki, shamanism, Buddhism, meditation, yoga, creative/expressive therapies, movement, existentialism, and positive psychology.

Connect with her at or on Instagram @adri.anahata

And if you’re ever in Detroit make sure to see if one of her events are happening!

A holistic therapist and integrative energy healer that has studied reiki and healing touch with a bachelor’s in Psychology and a masters in counseling, Adrianna offers her services to anyone who may feel stuck in a medical model and shows them there are other aspects to healing; whether through art, music, touch, or energy healing. She also hosts women’s gatherings and a series of conscious wellness events in the Metro Detroit area, as well as working with individuals on a personal level.

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